question for muslims…?

February 4th, 2011

well im also muslim i just wanna know do muslims also have sex on wedding night..?or is it necessary to have sex on wedding night ..? like hindus call it suhag raat..or u can have after 1week also.?

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  1. DKNY D says:

    I have tried Kama Sutra I am hindu, but later changed to mormone, so I had sex before, during and after with 20 different female age between 18 to 47. It was very tiring.

  2. Aurangzeb K says:

    if u and ur wife are adult u should do this any time after marriage but if u do
    after some days no problem because prophet(saw) did this after some year with Aisha(rz) but any time u should do this on the way of prophet(saw)

  3. MASSI says:

    it’s not a religious thing , it’s ur choice since she is ur wife

  4. Happily Happy says:

    It is between mutual understanding. Religion does not give any order in this regard.

  5. Bell says:

    I am Catholic and like the Islam religion, the Catholic faith preach to not have sex until marriage BUT I chose not to obey and that is my personal choice.

  6. She said says:

    Once married you can have sex whenever you like…….there are no rules on how many times husband and wife sleep together. Once married have sex as often as you both wish.

  7. Tess B says:

    Well i think it depends on the individual.. i think you shouldn’t just rush into it.. i think if you have that connection make it stronger by (the female) teasing her husband and seeing how many days after their wedding day she can stop him from having sex with her… it will only make the first time more heated and better. (But don’t make your husband angry, please him) I am reading a book called.. how to be a good muslim wife.. and it makes me feel proud when i please my husband.. a lady at the mosque once said to me.. if pleasing my husband meant i have to walk around the house naked i would do that.

  8. Nida says:

    You are allowed to do anytime after nikkah. Its not necessary on wedding night

  9. gathotkoco says:

    after you nikah yes you can do it, but if your wife is not ready you can not force her to do it at that time. islam never allow a man harm a woman even she is your wife.

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