POLL: did you have sex on your wedding night?

July 6th, 2011

was it already a sexual relationship?

was it the first time you had sex?

if you didnt, why not?
to answer nedz question – people who have arranged marriages generally have never had sex before

8 Responses to “POLL: did you have sex on your wedding night?”

  1. fantabulous girl says:

    No, because we are so tired..

  2. from the space house says:

    Yes. Doesn’t everyone? I was so drunk tho. Lol. Our relationship was already sexual but we were apart for 3 months before we got married because of our jobs so all the nerves were still there. We had only been having sex for a few months before we got engaged.

  3. groundhog says:

    No. My wife was a control freak.

  4. Nedz says:

    Yes, yes, no of course not.

    Who waits for marriage to have sex???? What century do you think this is????

    ADD: @Jodes, yes, I know about arranged “marriages”. I am just saying that the few people who wait until marriage (or have arranged “marriages”) do not appear to be aware what century it is.

  5. Gotta Know says:

    I had a flat tire on my wedding night. Thanks for reminding me.

  6. Me says:

    Yes, we did.
    Yes, it was.
    No it was not.

  7. gamer1612 says:

    My wife and I were both virgins until we were married. We didn’t have sex on our wedding because after the stress of the wedding and the reception and then the drive to the honeymoon location (we picked a place a few hours away so it would be cheaper while still not being TOO close to home) we just went straight to sleep when we got there. Then, we woke up at like 11:50pm on our wedding night so we could have sex on our wedding night but I had condom issues. I could get erect and keep it erect just fine, but as soon as I put the condom on I just went soft. Happens every time so we just don’t use condoms, but because of that we didn’t technically have sex on our wedding night.

  8. bemal09 says:

    No we werent inthe mood lO.

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