Is it possible that I could be pregnant?

November 17th, 2010

I was supposed to get my period last week, around wed or thurs. Well, i still havent gotten it yet and my last one ended on june 9th. I started having periods about 2 years ago and have always been a little irregular, but i dont think it has ever come THIS late before. Me and my bf have never had sex, but we do other things (fingering, handjob, ect.). If, by some chance, he had gotten a little bit of *** or pre-*** on his finger and then fingered me, could it have gotten me pregnant? Also, he has a saltwater pool that we were messing around in about a week or 2 ago. If he came in the pool, could it have gotten inside of me? Or would the saltwater have killed the sperm? Im really scared, and have been really stressed about this the last few days, so could that have delayed my period this long?
Please help me! Im only 17, and dont know what to do. I’d rather not take a HPT, because my mom would completely flip out. Am i just over-worrying about all this?
Thanx in advance for your time.

4 Responses to “Is it possible that I could be pregnant?”

  1. Millie says:

    You are definitely not pregnant. You have to have sex to be pregnant…So don’t stress it!!

  2. Over opinionated people we are says:

    NO not likely.
    However in the future seriously talk to your mom. Most moms would flip out! To me if they didn’t I would be concerned. If you are pregnant or not a mother is the best to talk to. Seriously secrets like that are intense. Moms can help alot emotionally and mentally, well any way really after they get past the shock and disappointment. I know it may be scary but seriously if you aren’t able to talk about it with your mom then you shouldn’t be having sex.. It is a maturity thing. I am not calling you immature or anything so don’t worry bout that.

  3. Dolce Amore says:

    There’s no way you could be pregnant and yes, stress can cause delayed periods

  4. Christine says:

    if you havent had sex your not pregnant! you cant get pregnant that way.sorry your freakin out over nothing. your NOT pregnant so stop worring about it! seriously.

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