I wont let myself have sex?

January 25th, 2011

I can be with a guy that im close with, but as soon as they try anything else, my reaction is to knock him out. i wont let anyone touch me, or else ill swing. im 19. i dont necessarily want to have sex. id jst like to know why i cant. iv had things happen to me when i was little. but thats when i was little and i forget all about that now. so i dont no how that could relate to this now. but maybe it could. I jst dont wanna be the girl who gets married and on her wedding night i start crying and beggs to not make me do it lol. thats prob how it will go. can anyone help!? or tell me whats wrong with me?

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  1. Kris says:

    Nothings wrong with you it will happen when your ready.

  2. Jackie says:

    omg i never though i’d ever hear someone going through the same thing i am same reasons too idk what to tell you that can help but good luck =)

  3. LaPrincessa says:

    what happened to you may still affect you. you might want to talk to someone

  4. dino l says:

    I’m not sure if you should swing at him when he touches you, but if you don’t want him to, then you should make him be aware of it. Nothing is wrong with you. I’ve known girls that haven’t had sex until they got married, and that is perfectly okay. If a guy doesn’t like you because you won’t have sex, then is he really the right one for you? If he loves you, he’ll understand and be cool with it. If he isn’t, then you’ll know he was into you because of apperance, not personality.

  5. RlySexyGuy says:

    Just do it. Stop ackin scurred.

  6. midnight_kangee says:

    I’m the same way. It may happen when you’re ready and really trust the person, but if it doesn’t, maybe you don’t trust them and aren’t as close to them as you thought.

  7. fallen angel 13 says:

    i understand and yes ur childhood has everything to do with how u feel rt now. but u know wut? u dont have to feel pressured to have sex with anyone until u feel nice and ready. so my advice to u is dont worry about sex, ull have a lifetime to have it. i say u should deal with ur past issues first…trust me, i know wut im saying, if u have sex ull just be making a bigger mistake and ull end up with more complex emotions to deal with. just take ur time. ur gonna be ok :}

  8. don't ask says:

    If you have been raped or molested earlier in life, it is a painful and sometimes lonely road to walk down, I used to walk this road but I have given my Life to Christ (I’m Christian btw) and my life has been changed. You don’t need to worry about what others think of you or even how you view yourself, because the only thing that should matter in your life is God.

    also I refuse to have sex until I am with that special someone. So until there’s a ring on both mine and my wife’s finger…. there will be NO sex

    that’s me though. hope that helped.

  9. blaze says:

    ill tell you whats wrong eith you. NOTHING. you will wnt to when your rdy and quite frankly you shouldnt really be peered pressured into it. n if your boyfriend is tryin to make a move he doesn’t realy know you well enough or else he would know that u werent ready. but yea nothing is wrong with you. alot of ppl think if they dnt get any b4 there 21 then there life is over (n those same ppl are usaully all the one’s with std’s and havin a baby n all that crap) you’ll know when your rdy. nothing is wrong with you. diff ppl have diff reactions. if u dnt wnt to then your jus not rdy. n thats nothing to be ashamed of. but yea. you’ll know when your rdy as time progresses. dnt try to force yourself into a situation your not comfortable in. you’ll know when ur rdy jus dnt think about it. it will happen naturally when ur rdy. hope this helps

  10. Tatiana says:

    i have never had that problem lol , but it could just because of the things when you were little , or just simply because your not ready yet ; dont stress bout it , it will come one day & it will be the right one = ]

  11. Sarah says:

    I dont really think anything is wrong with you,
    about the things happening in your past, even if you dont remember them well,
    it could be psycologic.
    your not realizing it but your brain is an amazing thing,
    if youve experienced bad things in the past it can come back to you even if you dont remember it.
    wait for a guy that you really love, and dont rush anything
    it will happen when it happens and with the right guy it will feel right.

  12. **Lollipop** says:

    Nothing is wrong girl lose your virginity when you feel you are ready there is no rush.. and convince yourself to not see sex as a bad thing sex can be a beautiful thing two people share

  13. JT M says:

    just wait when you want to have sex you will feel it.let boys touch you but not in an inappropriate unless you want him to and some advice don’t have sex untill you get married maybe not the marrige night but when you get married.

  14. Ken A says:

    Well what went on as a child is in your subconscious mind and this could be causing this reaction with you. You really need to meet a guy with a real caring nature and just love you for you and let things sort themselves out over time. This will build up trust that is needed for you to feel like doing things any normal couple would do. Remember marriage does not just revolve around sex as there are heaps of things that can be done together. Heaps of hugs to you, go well.

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