had period then missed 3 pills at start of pack what now?

February 3rd, 2011

ok so didn’t get any answers last time i posted so am re posting this question because i am worried.
i finished my period on sunday and was supposed to start taking it again on tues but forgot that day as well as wed and thur i had unprotected sex wed night but have taken today’s what happens now?
am i likley to get pregnant. what should i do with the rest of my pills?
i have tried other forms of contraception but have horrible side effects and get ill
my husband and i already have 2 children

3 Responses to “had period then missed 3 pills at start of pack what now?”

  1. DaySleeper says:

    Yes you could be pregnant. If you missed a pill, you shouldn’t have had unprotected sex.

  2. Sara L says:

    If you miss even one Pill, take the next one as soon as you remember, and ALWAYS use protection for at least a week just to be safe.
    You could get pregnant, so to be on the safe side, stop taking the Pill, but use another form of contraception (ie a condom) until you can take a test and find out.

  3. Amourous_Andrea says:

    Yes, it’s possible you could get pregnant. Missing one pill messed up the cycle of the birth control. If you take the birth control as directed, then you won’t get pregnant.

    You should stop taking your birth control until you find out if you’re pregnant. You don’t know for sure if you’re pregnant yet, so just be sure to use condoms to prevent pregnancy.You have 2 children, so I’m pretty sure you know what to do next.

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