Did you have sex on the your wedding night or did you wait until a later time?

July 8th, 2011

10 Responses to “Did you have sex on the your wedding night or did you wait until a later time?”

  1. Whiskey says:

    Before, on my wedding night, and after!

  2. Cutegirl Lol says:

    if you have too ask then you are not ready dont do it you hoe

  3. mia says:

    on wedding night and after,we were at it for hours and hours,couldnt get enough of each other, felt quite sore the third morning!

  4. Cuppycake says:

    Wedding night… it was the first time for both of us. But we were sooooo tired from our wedding and a lack of sleep the night before (rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, picking up family from the airport, getting last-minute things together, etc.). I’ll say I’m glad we stuck to our guns and waited until we were married… but that first time wasn’t magical lol.

  5. kikismom says:

    We had sex first thing in the morning on the day of our wedding and didn’t have it again until the next day. We were too tired after the wedding and fell right to sleep

  6. ££¤¥D €. says:

    Generally after wedding we do but 21st century baby first and have load of relationship b4 wedding good luck

  7. Nice & Smoove says:

    That’s classified information

  8. Jock says:

    It is not a case of when but it is very important that you are able to make it special.
    We travelled internationally for our honeymoon and, as we crossed the date line, we gained a day so arrived at our destination before we had actually been married. So it was before, during and after.

  9. KCP says:

    On our wedding night.

  10. Tim says:

    On the wedding night, on the wedding morning, the day before the wedding, in the car on the way to the wedding…

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