Would you wait or do it right then?

June 18th, 2011

Would you rather wait until your wedding is over to have sex when there is NO ONE around OR would you rather just right after the wedding is over, have sex during the reception or at a certain part of the church where you know there are people in presence?

5 Responses to “Would you wait or do it right then?”

  1. bemyselfbymyself says:

    WAIT. Seriously, I can’t even kiss my boyfriend in public, like I’d have sex in the church where people are watching. I like delayed gratification anyway.

  2. Gabrielle O says:

    UMM, wait. Have some respect for the both of you.

  3. schwildcat1977 says:

    I’d have some respect for myself, my husband, my family, and my guests and wait till the hotel.

    Not to wait is just disrespectful of everyone!!

  4. momohardhard says:

    just wait!! a wedding is not about getting to have sex, so i would totally wait. plus, making yourself wait makes it that much better when you finally get to it! yeah so wait for the hotel, it would just be disrespecting everyone by not waiting.

  5. EsmeRenaissance says:

    I think most normal people would wait,

    unless of course you’re a white trash slut.


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