Would you hire a twenty year old male as your Wedding Planner?

April 6th, 2011

He advertise in the local newspaper
You call and he seems very professional
So you set up an appointment to meet and discuss wedding plans
When you see him you ask “How old are?”
“20” he reply with a charming smile
You stay for his presentation and it’s great! So good you’re in awe.
Do you hire him or hire the woman with more experience?

24 Responses to “Would you hire a twenty year old male as your Wedding Planner?”

  1. Maria T says:

    I would hire – him….chances are he’ll give you a wedding you wont forget.
    But…make sure you have the vendors taken care of and double check with him on the arragements.

  2. xxJenxx says:

    The woman!!! lol

  3. rand a says:

    get some references, and if he’s gay he’s a shoe in.

  4. Kay says:

    I’d go with the young guy with the good presentation.

  5. Carrie H says:

    If you think he can do a good job, then hire him! Just because he is young and inexperienced doesn’t mean he won’t help you acheive the wedding of your dreams! Ask for referrences. Good luck and Congrats!

  6. glitter3317 says:

    Sometimes men can really surprise you – but I am a safe person so I would still choose the woman. Knowing that she has more experience and that she is a woman. I would have to stick with her after all you only get your wedding once. But the man on the other hand really could surprise you. If you want to go with cheaper then you could sit down and come up with lots of questions to ask and see if he can answer them without much hesitation.

  7. Renee W says:

    If you like his presentation then go for it. If you go with someone else they might not be as excited as he is. Yes, he is young but he is also full of ideas. I think that being inexperienced is not a bad thing. How many times have you gone for a job but were told you dont have enough experience? Give him a shot

  8. Dwayne says:

    Seriously, yes if he is gay.

    No offense to straight males. But a gay male at 20 years old would know alot about planning a wedding.

  9. Ms Pepsi says:

    Hire him!! Everybody has to start somewhere! how do you think the woman got her experience? Congratulations and Good luck!

  10. iydevents says:

    If you ran a business which person would you select for a job?

  11. Violet Pearl says:

    No. Sorry, but at that age, he hasn’t really had a whole lot of work experience, not to mention life experience. I’d want a person (man or woman) who’d put in some years with caterers, florists, venues, DJ’s, bakers, had dealt with a lot of mishaps, knew how to handle anything, and who had more or less “seen it all”. The person would need a long list of references, and a solid relationship with local vendors, too.
    A 20 year old just hasn’t been out in the world long enough to have that kind of experience. He really should consider working as an assistant for 5-7 years before doing his own thing.
    Perhaps for a simple party, but not my wedding.

  12. DJ LJ says:

    As with any wedding planner, I would ask for references, as well as to see some of the work that he has done. As a wedding DJ, I have worked with many wedding planners and the younger people often have better ideas and are more willing to work outside the box. Alot of the time, older wedding planners are more set in the traditional wedding. Always investigate who you are hiring before you put in the money. Make sure that they are going to do what you want and not try to make you do what they think is best. They should be willing to make it your day…no matter how old they are.

  13. venny v says:

    it’s ok…as long as he is proffesional…it’s also good..because they have new or fresh wedding planner

  14. Jessica W says:

    If his presentation was so good, than he obviously has the excitement, time, and resources. The more experienced women probably has amazing ideas, but if she’s more experienced, chances are she’ll have other weddings on her plate and may not have all the time in world to give to yours. I think the key ingredient with the young guy is his excitement for the profession. Have you EVER been disappointed with someone who was excited about their job and WANTED to give %110 on the job? I say go for the younger guy and best wishes!

  15. brightly_xox says:

    some people are natural at the chosen profession if the young man seems to have act together and has good references i would hire him

  16. frankyzgirl says:

    Have you seen his work? That is very important. Make sure you check his references, viewed his work before making that decision. This something that should be done for every wedding planner you meet with. Judge him based upon his work and referenced not his age. Being that he is young might be an asset rather that a liability. He could be more creative and dedicated to your wedding being that he hasn’t been in the business that long. Good luck to you. If you need other referals I could suggest some other wedding planners in California – Los Angeles area. If you need a makeup artist I know a great one too. Best of luck to you.

  17. nailladyinkc says:

    As with anyone that you hire, you should check references!!! If you loved his presentation and it was what you were looking for than go for it. Everyone has to get their start somewhere. His youth may give you the fresh ideas that we all want when we plan big events.

  18. greeneyed_clergy says:

    Everyone has to start somewhere. He must work up a happy
    satisfied clientelle. He will probably go the ‘extra mile’
    Just make sure you have a contract that discribes what he will & won’t do or be responsible for.
    If you liked him, & are able to communicatewith him & he seems receptive to your wishes, that alone is worth it.

    If you don’t mind, please email me with his info. I’m always looking for someone to I can refer brides to.

  19. Shonreaq G says:

    If you think he would do a good job hire him. If women can do so called male jobs why can’t men do so called female jobs.

  20. Jonathan B says:

    Well, does he have any records of other weddings he has done?
    If you like his past work then why not! Just because he is young doesn’t mean he not good. In all probability it means he has exceptional talent. Its unlikely that a 20 year old male would connect himself in a local newspaper with something as rugged and manly as wedding planning unless is very good. Who knows you maybe in a few years time you’ll see him on Opera planning weddings for the stars and you’ll be able to say “I had the same wedding planner as Tom cruise and that new young girl he married……..no not her the younger one” (“,)

  21. itsurvision says:

    As a person entering the same field, I would say if the presentation left you in awe, then he at least deserves a chance! And it might be a wonderful experience for the both of you. Don’t let the fact that he’s a male determine his potential!!

  22. sexymommy says:

    If you liked what the guy had to offer then I would go with him. Also he will give you what you want and you wont forget your big day.

  23. pinkdenial says:

    It would all come down to price with me. If he doesn’t have the experience, he better not have as high of a price. But if he really stresses the fresh approaches the can offer, then I’ll give him a chance.

    Neither age nor gender would affect me in the least.

  24. J B says:

    You’re not giving enough info here. His presentation was great, but how many weddings can a 20 year old have planned? If he’s cheaper than the really experienced woman, but you speak with his vendors and they say that they like working with him, then give him a shot! You never know. But remember, this is the only wedding day you’ll have (HOPEFULLY!), so this person better be someone you like spending time on the phone with, etc… because you’ll be doing it A LOT.

    Good luck…part of me wonders if YOU are the 20 year old and are just looking to see if you might have a shot at becoming a wedding planner. Am I wrong?

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