Would you allow your girlfriends sister to move in?

October 17th, 2010

I will be purchasing a 3bedroom condo pretty soon, and my girlfriend of 3 years will be moving in with me. We are planning our wedding currently, and are very excited about moving in together.


Her sister is 18 years old, and lives with her parents in another part of the state. She is constantly complaining about their stepfathers rules and wants to move out. She just had a little baby girl who we love to babysit. She has no job, no drivers license, no car, no anything that would help out.

Its not like doesn’t have anywhere to go but she will want to move in when we move in to get away from her step-dad. Yes we will have 3 bedrooms for a master bedroom,den, and a poolroom with mini bar. But I wouldn’t want me or my GF to have to drop her off everywhere, and be forced to babysit when she wants to go have fun.

So would it be smart just to say NO now or just wait until we move? I have no problem helping but its not a need its a want so she wont have to follow her stepdad’s rules.

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  1. Chromium says:

    Only if she’s hot.

  2. malibutan says:

    Personal experience!!!! This will be a problem!!!! This is y’all’s time to be together…no interference is needed!

  3. ♥♥♥ Pink ♥♥♥ says:

    No, I wouldn’t let her move in under those circumstances. I think it would be best for everyone involved for her to get her own apartment to get away from her step-dad. If you have h er move in with you, I think you’ll be stuck being a chauffeur and impromptu babysitter.

  4. watts says:

    Let her go and move in with her baby daddy.
    He was kind enough to knock her up, now let him support her.

  5. jeligula says:

    Get that poor girl out of her current situation, already! I would let her move in, no problem.

  6. Jedi Ted says:

    Hey man its going to be your house not your girlfriends sisters house. tell her the only way she can move in is get a job, a car, and help pay some bills.

  7. Michellejonasx3 says:

    if you guys are close & want to help her, i would say tell her before she moves in, she has to get her license. if she does that, you know she is trying harder to be responsible for you guys. the next step is have her get a job. things will probably be different & maybe a little hard for her so make sure you encourage her to get a job, not pushing & yelling at her to do so. if she really wants your help, im sure she will do as you ask. if not, just say no

  8. Riley says:

    I think ideally, she’s dreaming of a perfect world leaving her house with her parents rules to move in with you. But you’re going to have rules for her also. If she doesn’t have a job/car/etc who’s going to be in charge of paying the bills? Groceries? Taking care of the baby? Driving her places?
    You’re planning to get married and that sounds like alot of extra stress for a new marriage.

  9. Tomba53 says:

    Be supportive of your girlfriend/fiance but voice your concerns.

    Personally, I wouldn’t be okay with her sister moving in. Not to mention she has a baby too. It’s supposed to be YOUR house, your first place with your girl. It taints the meaning of that when you have other people moving in there. Going back to the baby point, most babies cry at random times of the day and night–it’ll really disrupt your guys’ sleeping routine.

  10. //-\ $ []-[] says:

    NO Dont let her move in.
    It will cause problems.
    She has no job, money, car or anything?
    How does she even support her kid?
    If you let her move it, its going to be like you guys are her parents cuz you are going to be supporting her for a while. Its hard to find jobs now a days.
    I would say no. She has a place, too bad she doesnt like the rules of her house, she doesnt need to mooch of you guys.

  11. LOVER BOY says:

    tell no she cant move in and tell she dont have a job so how she going pay 4 her and her baby 2 eat and do she think u and her sister going 2 take care of her i will no she has no kinda income she get out do sum 4 her slef go get hers

  12. Anthill says:

    No it would just turn into a big yucky mess. Just talk it over with your girl an what her thoughts are. Maybe you all can work it out. Tell her she can’t move in but he more then welcome to visit from time to time.

  13. daffyslady18 says:

    Well you said it yourself, “its a want, not a need”, if she wants to move out than maybe she should find her own place to move into. Sorry but if she already has a baby that will definitely bring issues. She wants to move out because she cant stand her stepdad rules and he is obviously setting the rules for obvious reasons. She cant just be inmature and do whatever she wants, she is now a mother and therefore she should behave like one. I have lived with family before and trust me it never turns pretty, there is always something that comes along with it. Its one of those “you give and you take type of thing” if you catch my drift. Good Luck and dont let her move in with you guys, unless she is willing to get a job, and start helping out with the rent.

  14. pretty says:

    Talk to your girlfriend,does she want her sister to move in.If she does set some rules and make sure that she gets a job.

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