would it be rude to tell my family to back off a little?

February 4th, 2011

i’m getting married soon and things are starting to get too crazy, we have been planning like crazy for this and now we just wanna sit back and relax before the “big day” sigh… we both want it to just go, we hardly see each other now and some one is constantly calling us to get an opinion, or to fix something, or asking me to lift or carry something, or do some dumb traditional picture or something… i don’t think it is being selfish for us to want to step back for the last bit of stuff… all the major arrangements had been done… the small details hardly matter now…
this evening we finally got some time together, and we were just holding each other close kissing a lil and this moron, for lack of a better word, bursts out on the patio snapping pictures for the “count down album” i mean wth!!! can’t we just chill for a sec… i am seriously thinking of asking them to let us have some time to chill b4 the wedding so we don’t feel worn out on the day… is that being selfish? do u think it is being unreasonable? and be honest with me please…
@ He-man… umm i’m a male

@Salacious Crumb… what?

5 Responses to “would it be rude to tell my family to back off a little?”

  1. D L says:

    You are not being unreasonable. Might be a good idea if you could get away for a few hours, instead of hanging on the patio where family is around.

  2. TheOne says:

    No – you are not being unreasonable asking them to give you some space.

    It will help you a lot.

    That is cool.


  3. michael says:

    This is how it is. Just deal with it. All these arrangements and preparations are for your “special day” so just go with it. There’s plenty of time to back off later, trust me. Yeah, I know it’s a lot of work. It will make the quiet time with her alone a lot better later.
    If your family is still up in your business after the wedding, then it is time to draw some boundaries.
    For now, just go with it.

  4. He-Man says:

    You do know they are only acting this way for the wedding. I hope your normal life is not this distant. So calm down and know that the stress will be over and you’ll have the rest of you life to be with him. And oh yeah that when the real madness starts. Good Luck

  5. Rock, Paper, Scissors says:

    lol that made me laugh when you described that guy. Just turn your phone off and don’t call anyone back unless it’s a crisis. Stay away from people. You don’t need to tell anyone to back off. They’ll get the hint when you don’t return their calls.

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