Would anyone like to see my wedding pics?

December 7th, 2010

I used to be on YA all the time, but haven’t been for about a month or two. However, a lot of people helped tremendously with planning my wedding and couldn’t leave this group out.


The event code is Gardner 080908
If it’s asking for an email and password, use kayla.gardner@dover.af.mil and the password is michelle.
LOL. I’m only 21. They’re his great niece and great nephew.

7 Responses to “Would anyone like to see my wedding pics?”

  1. nena rosa says:

    it says the code is incorrect

  2. Mommy to Aiden Grant 7-30-08 says:

    LOVE the wedding pictures very simple eliminate to everything. I love it. I wish my wedding wash simple. I had to go with a big blown out production

  3. iloveweddings says:

    Hi. I was able to get in with the event code and your password.

    CONGRATULATIONS! It looks like you had a beautiful day! I love the outdoor wedding and reception. You looked beautiful!!

    Are the kids yours? They look like they could be. VERY CUTE.

    Congratulations and I hope you have a happy marriage!

    EDIT: Oh sorry, yes, you do look young 🙂 I wasn’t trying to insult you….just saying the kids were cute!

  4. Xanthe says:

    Looks lovely and you all look very happy! Congrats and hope your marriage is wonderful.

  5. skye says:

    You guys look so happy. Congratulations!

  6. King's Kid says:

    Such a sweet wedding. It looks like it was worth all your hard work! Very pretty bride!

  7. Lydia says:

    Wow, thanks so much for letting us peek into your day! You two make a lovely couple, and you are absolutely gorgeous!
    I like the way you co-ordinated your colours, and the cake was so beautiful.
    (You really lucked out with your photographer – very nice shots and comprehensive….)
    Happy married life!

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