Women: Why Weddings?

October 23rd, 2010

Still a little confused. Why do women like weddings?

If it’s just two people who like one another, why bother with inviting 100 guests who you hardly know, planning out reservations, food orders, flowers, etc?

Still haven’t told her, but I know she’ll freak out when I ask her this question.

I don’t understand women …

10 Responses to “Women: Why Weddings?”

  1. Caesar's wife says:

    It’s an occasion. Not my thing, actually. I hated my wedding – my mother planned it.
    but some women live for their wedding day.

  2. Mark G says:

    If your chick wants a frilly expensive wedding, so be it. Let her dear old Dad pony up and pay for it. Just play stupid and tell her all you need to know is where to be and what time to be there. Stay out of the planning and go to ballgame with your boys!
    She probably doesnt want your input anyway

  3. Pegi says:

    a beautiful wedding is a dream come true for some women, we start planning our wedding as little girls and we want the fairy tale that comes along with it. Its the day that she will be a princess and on this day the world will revolve around her and she will get to wear a beautiful gown and be the bell of the ball. All her closest friends, family and co-workers are there to celebrate with her that she has found Mr right and he is making her his wife. She wants to share this moment with all the people she knows and loves and it can be a big headache planning a wedding but the results are priceless. Besides you get lots of gifts, good food and lots of fun. I promise you its worth it.

  4. Pinkie says:

    I’m wondering the same thing. Weddings are such a big hassle, why go through all this complication, stress, and waste of money? I’d rather save the money for a house or something.

  5. basketcase88 says:

    It’s a girl thing, many women (not all of them) have imagined their wedding day since they were little girls. Of course, there’s now a whole industry set up around fulfilling this whole fantasy that we’ve seen on soap operas, reality tv shows, etc.

    And don’t worry about not understanding women, I’ve been married to my husband for 19 wonderful years, and he doesn’t understand women either. You’re not alone. 😉

    Of course, women don’t really understand men, so at least we’re equal!!!

  6. goldwing110083 says:

    I happen to agree with you completely….huge waste of money. The “presents” you get will never cover the expense of all the party. There is absolutely no reason for a big wedding..people are just as married by a Justice of the Peace, or a minister, or a judge..as they are in a big ceremony….total waste of time and money…and often, the stress of the affair really damages the relationship before the relationship of man and wife gets off to a start…stupid. To me, it is a bragging rite for the woman…no one needs to brag about catching a man…men are too easy to catch

  7. Like being a DINK says:

    I hate weddings. They turn women into crazy split personality demons. (With estrogen flowing through the veins, women are already crazy demons.)

    I never had a wedding. My husband didn’t want a wedding, he’s not to fond of his family.

    I do know that many women like being the center of attention. They like being the princess for the day. (That’s part of the reason why marriages don’t last.)

    Here’s one thing to consider…what other disagreements are you going to have once you are married. You need to be able to talk about things you want and don’t want.

  8. Diane says:

    Women by nature are usually more social than men… It goes back to the hunter gatherer times..

    Men were hunters they went out in groups to hunt animals … being quiet or less socially interactive was a bonus as sound can scare prey away..

    Women were gatherers.. Talking and being social was a good thing.. the sound scared prtential preditors away.. Allowed group members to constantly monitor where others were and ensure quick help should a problem arise..

    Women were in charge of planning group activities (i.e. meals, social gatherings, etc… Men were protectors of the gatherings using thier superior strength (men are usually physically stronger) to physically repell any threat…

    Through out the development of society and the polymutations there in some of the basic social structures have remained… Women are more likely to be highly social talking, planning gatherings etc. while men are more likely to see themselves as the strong stand in a small group protector…

    In todays technological society the roles of hunter protector and social gatherer are not as well defined or needed for the furtherment of the societal group… Although some of the tendancies remain..

    This being said women from an early age see thier eventual wedding as a social gathering a time to talk, compare status and mingle amongst thier contemporaries.. Men view it as noisy, unnecessary and potentially dangerous (larger groups mean more resources to protect)..

    Knowing this it is not surprising therefore that men and women view the rituals and surrounding activities involved in weddings differently…

    I suggest you learn the nod and phrase “Is this what you like honey.” As a groom your involvement in the wedding and planning is pretty minimal.. You like what she likes, you show up dresses as she told you at the appropriate time, and you smile when she does for pictures…

    If you don’t you will never hear the end of it and how you ruined her dream of the big day…

    I would also hope that a wedding is between two people who LOVE each other rather than like… Loving someone makes it easier to get through the day and hey cut loose a little you might actually enjoy yourself if you expend a bit of effort..

  9. Special K says:

    I think it’s every women’s hidden dream to have a wedding. I have yet to be married, but I do want to have a wedding for the sake of saying I had one! Men aren’t supposed to understand women, they are just supposed to love them.

  10. Tweety says:

    A wedding is both a private and intimate event, and also a public proclamation of your love for each other, and your willingness to spend the rest of your life together. The reception is a party whereby your family, relatives, and friends celebrate your special event with you. Like any other party where you invite people, you will have food, drink, decorations, etc.

    Most people, and especially women, think this is the greatest day in their life. If you don’t think this is an important day in your life, then perhaps you shouldn’t be getting married.

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