Women and wedding nights?

July 7th, 2011

That person who keeps asking about not having sex on her wedding night got me thinking lol.

Women who waited until they were married…did it hurt your first time?
Or actually just women in general, did it hurt your first time?

I got a while before I get married (I’m not even involved with anyone yet) But I’m waiting until I’m married…but I’m terrified of what it would be like…kind of like panic attack scared. lol.

Thanks for the answers.

5 Responses to “Women and wedding nights?”

  1. ~Meg Almighty~ says:

    It doesn’t hurt as badly as some people think. Especially if you’re educated about things you can do to make it hurt less (like using lubrication) and if the person you are with is caring and is willing to take his time and be gentle with you.

  2. slowmotion says:

    you’re in for a treat! I’m sure you’ll be fine. If you find a great man he will make sure you are comfortable. even if it is awkward it will be fun, just be light hearted about it when it happens. It’s natural and instinctual 🙂

  3. browneyedgirl says:

    There isn’t any reason to be scared. Some women do not experience pain or just minimum at best. It depends on you and how relaxed you are. It also depends on your spouse. If he is caring and loving, he would make sure you are completely ready before penetration.

  4. tracy says:

    Yes it is uncomfortable but pain only if the man is insensitive to your needs. Pardon the bluntness. If a man really cares about pleasing you then he will take his time and get you very aroused which will heighten your endorphins and create your body’s own natural lubricant. You can also buy lubricants over the counter just in case you are too scared and have a difficult time with natural lubrication. The size of the man’s penis also has bearing on how much if any pain. Just remember when he is touching you and trying to get you aroused do not fight the feeling and don’t concentrate on what it will feel like. The more relaxed you are the more enjoyable the experience. Hope this helps.

  5. Dr. House says:

    How much it hurts, or doesn’t, depends a great deal on your anatomy and a little bit on his.
    My wife found intercourse painful for a very long time after the first time.
    She would be best describe as small.
    She also tore badly during child-birth (about 40% of women tear to some degree).
    This is why it is so misleading when people say moronic things like “A baby comes out of there! Why would a penis hurt!?”

    There is some pain from the hymen tearing and from what I understand a great deal more pain stretching the muscles if you are small. Being tense makes it hurt worse.
    The better you know the sexual response of your body the better you will know when you are ready and you can avoid additional discomfort or pain from premature penetration (lack of sufficient arousal).

    A few more tidbits that people like to keep secret are that some women are allergic to latex and lubricants and a few women are even allergic to sperm. My wife is allergic to both latex and lubricants which we did not know for our first time together… she was sore two weeks.

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