Why do people care that I wear a red wedding dress instead of white?

December 24th, 2010

So I plan on wearing this really beautiful red and silver dress on my wedding day. I am not getting married in a church, and I am not a traditional girl. My soon to be in laws are telling me that I should wear white because if i don’t it doesn’t mean that I am “pure.” Am I the only one that thinks that this sounds stupid? If that were the case, then 95 percent of woman should not wear white. Anyway, I know it’s my day and I will wear what I want, but I just have to say that it bugs me when people are so close minded. It is the year 2008 and traditions have changed. I think white is a very elegant color and works for most brides, but not for me. White is just a color, and so is red.
Thanks for all of your answers, I guess I just needed people to back up my views, and thanks for having an open-mind!!

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  1. Sir Suavington says:

    ‘Tis for the sake of tradition that they wish you to wear white. However, tis your wedding day and thou shouldst do whatever makes thee happy.

    Wear your lovely red dress! Thou willst most likely regret it in a few years if thou don’t wear it.

  2. Veronica says:

    I guess it’s because white is traditional and it means that you’re pure, but If you really want to wear red.Step out of the box and wear red.Go for it!

  3. Thia says:

    You are the bride, it is your day, go for what you want, and stuff the in laws! If you allow yourself to be bullied into pleasing them on your wedding day, they will poke their oar in everything, including when you have children.

    There was a time when a bride wore her best dress. White is copied from Queen Victoria, so wearing red is following an older tradition. Wear your red and silver dress with pride, your biggest smile, and have your day.

    Surely they don’t believe their beloved boy is pure?!

  4. THE SINGER says:

    Some people are old fashioned that way. They still believe that white is pure – but we know that’s not true. Red seems to symbolize that the female is “hot to trot”. You can wear what you want, but just know that there are still people who have their own ideas about what a bride should wear. You might get several raised eye-brows. I’m sure you can deal with it. Happy Day.

  5. txgirl says:

    It’s YOUR wedding, wear whatever YOU want and whatever makes YOU happy.

    My best friend got married a few months ago. She doesn’t like the way she looks in white, so she wore a beautiful red and gold dress. Everyone commented on how beautiful she looked; no one gave a second thought to the color of her dress. Not everyone is as close-minded as your soon to be inlaws.

  6. old lady says:

    Interestingly enough. white dresses for weddings have only been in vogue for a little over a century. Prior to that, women wore dark dresses, or plain dresses. But look at the things that some of the European Royalty wore for their weddings – damask and silver and brilliant colors – so tell your in-laws that you are a reincarnation of a royal wife, and you’re dressed as she would dress.

  7. Renee C says:

    I agree with you. I wore a pink gown and veil on my wedding day 15 years ago. My sister wore yellow on hers. It’s YOUR day. Wear a color you feel fabulous in. Your inlaws will get over it.

  8. *au natural* says:

    I want to wear a red wedding dress too!!! I’m glad there’s someone else out there who shares my views too. So obviously I’m going to tell you to go for it, but also because it’s YOUR day. You will remember this day for the rest of your life. Don’t compromise it for someone else’s beliefs. They had their day….and now it’s over. Your future in-laws technically should have no say in what you wear. Who do they think they are anyway?

    Also note that in different cultures brides wear different color wedding gowns (Christian or otherwise). If white really meant “purity” then why do the grooms don black tuxedos? A little one-sided, isn’t it? I wouldn’t wear white just for that fact alone. However, I love red and I’m an autumn, so red will look stunning!

    So go ahead! Wear red. You’ll look absolutely gorgeous doing it too.

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