Which wedding vendors should I book now?

June 30th, 2011

I’m getting married in just under a year (June 2) so I know I need to get the ball rolling on my planning. I know some vendors need more advance notice than others, so I’m just wondering which ones tend to book faster than others. It’s a struggle to get deposit money together at this time, but I’d rather crunch it than be too late.

I’m particularly curious about the DJ and the officiant. I have already booked a venue and caterer.

Thanks for any input!

5 Responses to “Which wedding vendors should I book now?”

  1. thedreamweaverwolf says:

    as many as you possibly can many will work with payments

  2. Messykatt says:

    You’ve got the two biggies wrapped up, which is very good. After that, I think you should work on photographer and DJ. June is peak wedding season, and good ones get booked pretty quickly. The officiant is lower down on the list, because you can find one more easily than most people realize through craigslist or even the yellow pages. Also, in some states any notary public can do this. So don’t worry about that one until you’ve got the other 2 lined up. In fact, after that, you may want to start checking on bakeries for the cake. Again, with June being so popular, you may need to move a little more quickly on that.

  3. Because I Said So says:

    What you should do is start making spreadsheets of vendors you can find online, and list their contact # and websites. Then start making calls once you have about ten each of DJ’s, photogs, florists, salons, and officiants listed. Ask their availability and talk about their rates and then once you’ve interviewed a good number of various vendors you can add up the deposits for the ones you want to book and see how much you’re going to need. If it’s too expensive, then try to find some cheaper vendors. You can search on weddingwire.com and read reviews, that’s how I found some of my vendors like my florist, who was great. I don’t think you’ll have any problem if you start talking to vendors 12 mos out, I was only engaged for 8 mos and I didn’t have a problem finding good vendors at all.

  4. dakiS03 says:

    Definately the photographer and the DJ or band. Have several in mind in case one is busy that day because June is a really popular month!

  5. double d debbie says:

    Book everything that you can 🙂
    Wedding services book up really quickly

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