Which of these dresses looks better for a formal event *PICS*?

January 29th, 2011

Please help me… I am attending a wedding (not a prom haha) and I am in love with both these dresses. One is short, one is long. I love them both… which would you choose? If it helps I have blonde hair, blue eyes and plan on tanning beforehand.
WOAH there is absolutely no need for these rude answers. The wedding is taking place in Florida at the beach, and these are both appropriate for the venue. Leave a helpful comment or none at all please and thank you.

20 Responses to “Which of these dresses looks better for a formal event *PICS*?”

  1. Whodaman™ says:

    Second one.

    The first one is too attention grabbing. not good >.<

  2. nova freak says:

    second one but you know it’s $290
    the first one is ugly and $500

  3. black rose-lover. says:

    definatly the short sequin!it is SLAMIN!

  4. kAYa Baíla W. says:

    The second one is very pretty. Jovani is a great pick.

  5. Frances says:

    Dont try to out-do the bride! Second one, definetly. The first one is pretty, but someone might think you are being slutty…dont want that!

  6. the new book bag says:

    uhh. you’re joking, right? you shouldn’t wear the 1st one to a wedding (depending on the wedding i guess, but it would not be the right dress code for most) so if you have to choose between the two i think the answer is pretty obvious: the 2nd one. all the way.

  7. The Ketchup Queen says:

    neither they r both UGLY!!!!

  8. !auburn says:

    since it’s a wedding, probably the second one.
    the first one pops too much because the bride should be the center of attention, not you. and i think shorter is better.

  9. sportschick001 says:

    i love the second one it is so cute but if you chose that one you should get it in another color than white!

  10. sunnyday4lyfe says:

    I agree w/ the second one .
    for a wedding, second cause its light-colored, annd pretty
    but the second one, its very eye-catching and not meant for a wedding more for a cocktail-lish place ?

    second one !<3

  11. Wolfy says:

    The second one for sure. The first one looks like an old lady would want to were it. No offense. If i were you i would go with the short shiny sequin one.

  12. AlwaysOnTheBSide says:

    The first one is horrible.
    The second one will make you look like a fish.
    Get a proper dress!

  13. (::: says:

    I think the 2nd one.

  14. jolie says:

    There are both beautiful

    But if it s for a formal event, then take the second one

    The first one is beautiful but it too much attention for a formal event.

  15. aQuAriUs says:

    2nd one.

  16. 沢田 ツナ (  ´ω` )ノ says:

    Second C: Its Cheaper and it would look better on blondes(my opinion)

  17. Jonas;Cena<3 says:

    er , the 2nd one I guess

    they’re both attention grabing which isn’t good at a wedding.

    try finding something plain.

  18. Butterfly says:

    The white one is gorgeous,you said your blonde so it will look really good on you try with it wearing a silver shoe or sandal,lift up your hair if its long ,you will look amazing.

    have a nice time

  19. angellefaith says:

    ignore all the idiots,they are both beautiful but i really like the 2cd one

  20. Emily says:

    Deffinately the 2nd one… The first one is ugly… 2nd is very pretty!!!!!! 🙂

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