♥ Which Indian wedding dresses look sexy and classy (Pics) ♥?

July 8th, 2011

My wedding is supposed to last 3 days. I already have a traditional red wedding dress for the actual wedding ceremony. I still need to find dresses for the bride showing, two prewedding parties and the reception. Which dresses do you like the best? 🙂

1. http://www.seasonsindia.com/showcase/images/009.jpg

2. http://www.seasonsindia.com/showcase/images/010.jpg

3. http://www.seasonsindia.com/showcase/images/013.jpg

4. http://www.seasonsindia.com/showcase/images/015.jpg

5. http://www.seasonsindia.com/showcase/images/023.jpg

Thanx in advance!! 🙂
Thanks for your answers everyone! The midriff isn’t considered “sexy” in India.. Its just like your arms or legs.. All sarees reveal the stomach area. Its not inappropriate.. Even older women, like my mother and my grandma, wear sarees.

24 Responses to “♥ Which Indian wedding dresses look sexy and classy (Pics) ♥?”

  1. *Miss_Autumn* says:

    They’re all pretty. I’m torn between #1 and 4

  2. Kattie says:

    They’re all so slutty for a wedding. But on the opposite side they are really pretty.

  3. Jareds Princess says:

    I love number 4, it looks so pretty, number 2 to me doesnt look very classy, almost looks like something you would wear to the beach, but thats my opinion! I also love number 1 but its not really classy pre say Congrats!

  4. Suz123 says:

    I like 3, 4, and 5. Number four is my favorite.

    Numbers one and two are too sexy to be bridal.

  5. thatgirl says:

    the 3rd and 4th are both very pretty.. 4th would be my favorite though.

  6. My thoughts says:

    They are all lovely.

    I like #1 the best because of how the hot pink and the green set off against each other.

  7. ladyellei says:

    I like them all in this order:


  8. KaytieBee says:

    I must not understand your culture or wedding traditions at all because I think all the dresses are very slutty for such a proper occasion.. They’re all gorgeous dresses for other events but I couldn’t possibly imagine wearing any of those for any type of wedding at all.

  9. Cute says:

    the first and second one because of their colours…the other three were good too…like i thought they were nicely made, but i didn’t find the colours all that attractive.

    But get the one that feels right for you.

    Best Wishes

    * Edit: These dresses look slutty but it just depends on how one wears them…See that big piece of shawl like thing with dresses…u r supposed to cover yourself up with that, but you take it off when you’re with your husband. From what i understand.

  10. annalisa says:

    I like 1, 4 & 5 – can’t decide which I like best…. they are really stunning – all of them. Sounds like a great event. Have fun.

  11. mikisunshine says:

    They’re all pretty. I think #2 is the least prettiest of them all. Something about it just doesn’t look classy enough for a wedding. I am partial to #5. It has an elegance that would be perfect for a wedding party.

    Best of luck to you and your future husband.,

  12. TwistedxKiss says:

    I like 1 and 4 the best. 🙂

  13. Anna H says:

    All 5 dresses are very very nice,but out of the 5 I like the 1st one the best because of the color. The colors on the first one look really good together.

  14. Oot n Aboot says:

    I love the colours of the second one.

  15. justanotherrodeogirl says:

    i like 3 4 5 kinda look the same i know what you mean i find it odd cus in the usa its considered trashy to show you mid drift but over in inda its just like you said showing your arms or legs yet it isnt classy there to show your legs lol

  16. marcellayett says:

    I love saris. They are such beautiful garments. They’re all pretty, but I love sari number 2 and sari number 3. The colors in number 2 are so vibrant and strong. The colors in number 3 look so elegant and ladylike. Whichever you choose from this set, you and your bridesmaids will look absolutely gorgeous. Congrats and good luck!

  17. sgc1215 says:

    My favorites, in order are:


    Good luck with your choice!

  18. Stephanie says:

    I like one and three

  19. *Beauty Queen* says:


  20. autumn lover says:

    I love the colours and designs of 1 and 4. Congrats!

  21. TrueLoveNeverDies says:

    I LOVE the colors of the first one!! It’s absolutely beautiful 😀 i would choose that one if I were you…..I’m sure you will be stunning in any of those dresses though!

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, I wish you the best of luck!

  22. Stephi sayz BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    I love #s 1 and 2, Gorgeous!

  23. Amy says:

    the first one.


  24. Rozmin says:

    The 4th is my favorite! I also love the 5th and 3rd, although they are very similar to it. I adore the colors on the 2nd one, and I think the 1st is ok, it looks nice, just the color is not my personal favorite. But it also depends on skin tone, if you have deeper coloring than the girl in the photo, then it will look really great.

    And … I don’t know, I’m going to have to disagree with you about the sexiness. It depends on your family, but in my family (I’m also Indian) it would not be ok to wear such revealing outfits to wedding events. I’ve been to wedding events where quite young girls (like 17 or so) wore such types of things, and everyone was talking about them. You know as well as I do that the sari is usually draped to cover a large part of the midriff, and with other outfits it may be partially covered with a dupata. I think that the last 3 outfits are very beautiful, but I must admit that part of why I like them is that they have less revealing tops.

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