Where Does This Custom Come From?

July 6th, 2011

If tradition is followed when planning a wedding,then the bridesmaids pay for their own dresses and the groomsmen pay for their suits or tuxedos.

Isn’t that bad taste to invite someone to be in your wedding and if they accept they have to pay? It would be a totally different matter if the dress or suit could be worn as ever day attire for work. But most wedding attire can’t be worn to work. A bridesmaid dress would look funny and not many work functions call for a tuxedo.

Anyway, where does this tradition of making bridesmaids and groomsmen pay come from?

4 Responses to “Where Does This Custom Come From?”

  1. John Poydras says:

    Old fashioned customs no longer apply in todays fast moving world. Before you ask anyone to be a part of your wedding be sure to have a complete understanding who pays for what. The old ways are nice but that was when gasoline was 25 cents per gallon. As long as you ask if they will participate and will pay for their clothing then if they accept they accept what you decide it is your wedding. You can learn a lot from reading The Knot web page that has info about weddings.

  2. joinme4coffee says:

    Originally the tradition was that the bride’s parents paid for the bridesmaids attire. That was back when only wealthy people had large weddings and a bridal party. This has evolved into today’s standard of everyone paying for their own clothing because most everyone wants a bridal party and most of us don’t have the means to pay for everything. IMO a lot of brides today choose bridesmaids dresses that are way too expensive. Back in my day, we were very careful to choose dresses that could be shortened and worn again or we made our bridesmaids dresses. We all knew how to sew. Sewing class was required in Jr. High & High School.

  3. Nox says:

    I have never been to a wedding where the groomsmen actually had to buy a tux or even wear one. Most wear plain black suits. And a black suit can be worn any time. As for the bridesmaids dresses most can’t be worn again, but they can be sold back.

    They pay because they are wearing it. If they can’t afford it they don’t have to accept the offer to be in the bridal party.

  4. Perse says:

    I share your point of view. Wedding attire is a wedding expense and should be covered by the wedding host. It seems in poor taste to pass your expenses onto someone else just because tradition says you can. How convenient.

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