Where can I find this wedding dress?

July 5th, 2011

I am planning on getting married at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Newport, Rhode Island in the future, where Jackie Lee Bouvier married John F. Kennedy. I am also completely in LOVE with Jackie’s wedding dress. I have looked everywhere online and I just can’t seem to even get a hint of where I can find a replica of it. Can you please help? Or, at least a good designer?? Thanks a bunch!

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  1. cjsmummy says:

    either get a picture and find a seamstress or look for similar styles – all wedding dress designers will offer something which is similar.im thinking maggie sottero,pronovia or vera wang amy be your best bet (for some reason)

  2. liz says:

    Your best bet would be to take a picture of this gown and find a dressmaker that will make this for you.
    You could contact this company: http://www.landybridal.com/, they made my £3,000 wedding dress for £100 and it was superb. They made it so well it was almost reversible as the thick satin lining was invisibly stitched.
    I had 8 bridesmaids dresses made with them too.
    Send them a picture with your measurements and I am sure they will oblige.
    Best of luck on your special day.

  3. Because I Said So says:

    what you do is print a pic of that gown and some others you like, and bring them into any bridal shop. ask your married friends where they got their gowns and make appointments at those recommended shops. the staff can pull samples for you of styles that are very similar, or styles that they know can be easily customized to match Jackie’s gown.

  4. faith burke says:

    I understand you want a dress like hers but odds of finding are slim to none I done a little reserch and found she absolutely hated the dress
    my suggestion print a pic out of it take it along with you to the salons and let them help you find a modern version of the dress

    maybe something like this

    I hope this helps and I hope you find the dress

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