when would be the right time to see if im pregnant?

May 26th, 2011

i’ve been bleeding for a while like for 4 weeks almost and its finally slowing down to where its really light and im cramping and now its gone and i’ve been hungry late at night but very sick in the morning times like its nauseating to eat food like i could barely finish my food my aunt bought for me i felt like i was gonna puke it back up
i went in not to long ago and they said i was not pregnant before and they said that its just getting ready to start my period again but it was slowing down and now its gone they said that going back on to a regular period would take up to 2-3 months so im wondering if i am pregnant if so how would i be able to tell and i had unprotected sex one wed. the 16th and i was wondering what day would be good to check if i am?

One Response to “when would be the right time to see if im pregnant?”

  1. Victoria Gardner says:

    The best thing to dois check now. And never lie or keep it from your parents that’s the worst thing u could do. They will prob be surprised at first but they will be there for u believe me

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