Whats the etiquette on a destination wedding with an at home reception later?

April 21st, 2011

We’re in the early stages of planning. Nothing is set in stone yet we’re just throwing some ideas around. This was one of them but what’s the etiquette on something like this? Would I wear my wedding gown and the bridal party be in their attire too? Would I still have an engagement party, bridal shower, and bachelorette party? Has anyone else done this? Thanks.
Also, would I register for gifts?
Oh we would be feeding them. We were thinking like a lunch reception in a park or something.

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  1. Messykatt says:

    No, that’s the downside of a destination wedding. When you get back, you’re a married couple, and the wedding (and all wedding related activities) are over with. As for the engagement party, nobody should be invited to it who isn’t invited to the wedding. These are generally smaller events thrown by parents, mainly to make sure that the attendants and close family members meet each other. They aren’t gift giving events – more like a meet ‘n greet dinner at their home.

  2. koukla rose says:

    I would say no to anything that involves gifts. I hate to say it, but if you aren’t feeding these people, and they aren’t participating in your wedding, they don’t need to give you gifts. You could just have a wedding celebration, invite all your loved ones. I’m sure they would love to see you in your dress.

  3. corgigirl says:

    My daughter had a destination wedding. It only involved the immediate families. Very nice and private.
    Seven months later we hosted the reception at a hotel. Yes, they wore their wedding clothes. So that everyone wore theirs twice instead of once. It was just like a regular wedding reception. Yes, to all of the above questions. You treat it just like a regular wedding, the only difference is that the reception is later.

  4. CC says:

    i don’t know much about this but I think once you get back from your destination wedding…the wedding is OVER. So if you want to throw a party after wards..it’s just that..a party..not a reception. So I think it would look silly if you all were in your wedding attire after you already got married. Throwing a party is fine..but don’t call it a reception.

    I’d say no to the regestering of gifts since people won’t be there to see you get married.

  5. Blunt says:

    With the boom of destination weddings, traditional rules have to be modified to reflect modern times. Long gone are the days on home town family weddings as more couples opt for more practical and exotic venues.

    Here are some appropriate guidelines: Do NOT make it a re-enactment of the wedding. The time is gone and is yesterday news, so please no one in monkey suits pretending that it is a week ago, it is awkward, forced and embarrassing. Don’t wear your gown again, that is just silly (particularity in a public park) . Alternatively you can wear a nice dress and a corsage on your wrist; It is more practical for the place and your marital status.

    Engagement parties are hosted by a family member a soon as the engagement is announced, If you have been engaged for a long time and everyone knows, then there is no point whatsoever for an engagement party, You do not host this for your self and gifts should not be requested or expected. It is meant so families can meet each other and that’s all.

    Bachelorette party? Yes. Before getting married of course if someone wants to throw you one with your friends.

    Shower: Yes, keep it small, if someone offers to host one for you, yes you can have one. Tip: Showers are not means of collection from every female that you ever had contact with, but for a small group of people that know you very well (immediate family and handful of friends). Do not make this an opportunity for everyone that you ever knew since kindergarten to buy you things, people can see through that.

    No, no, bridesmaid are just for one day, not until you are satisfied for years to come. BM are to wear whatever they want on the public park party.

    Register for gifts: Sure, but only give that information to those that ask. It is not polite to solicit any gifts from ANYONE in particularly in your situation as no one will be attending the ceremony. In your case, if some people want to gift, they will ask for the information. But BY NO MEANS put registry information on the invitations for post-wedding festivities, that is presumptuous, greedy and in extreme poor manners, particularly since you are already married and that is NOT a reception, but a post-nuptial celebration. You can put that on your shower invites for family members and very close friends only. If everyone else asks, you can tell them, but DO NOT volunteer the information as many people will get offended by that.

    Good luck

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