What would you do if you were engaged to be married, and?

June 25th, 2011

walked in on your fiance having oral sex with a girl you both knew in your flat; threw your ring at him and stomped out, and some time later he asked you to come to his and her wedding, and when you refused, he called several times, work and home, and begged you to come, saying that his wife-to-be felt horrible about what she did, and it was she who wanted you there?
And when you walked on them, she had her face in between his legs?

24 Responses to “What would you do if you were engaged to be married, and?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t you just answer your own question? It sure sounded that way.

  2. mrs_G says:

    I would never have spoken to him again.

    Why in the world did you?

  3. Mooshy says:

    tell them to go fuck off

  4. tom says:

    WTF! thats so mean, im sorry for the person that was cheated on. go and fucking call her a slut after you are a bit drunk..

  5. New Running Shoes says:

    I would say “Burn baby. Burn.”

  6. perfectvelvet says:

    What kind of idiots try to make nice with the woman whose life they ruined? I wouldn’t be going to any wedding, that’s for sure.

  7. Becky K says:

    what ! thats so confusing.

    anyway, wtever with them both, u completely ignore and u dont bother going to that wedding.

  8. carolinelalonde says:

    Meet up with her and CUT her hair – sweet revenge

  9. dbgc12 says:

    honey i am so sorry.
    i’d be furious!!! this is horrible! maybe you should talk to a local counselor about this..wow i’m so sorry. you don’t need em! don’t u dare go to that wedding!! those buttheads!

  10. Aron C says:

    hahaha, why do you cook up funny questions like this. I think fantasies are a way to entertain the whole population.

  11. ~Viva La Vida~ says:

    Ummm, did this actually happen to you? I would like banish him out of my life, along with her.

  12. General Custer says:

    Don’t go.

  13. ZOINKS! says:

    Tell him that she should feel horrible about what she did, and tell her that he’s probly gunna cheat on you too. And most of all, move on.

  14. ~Becky~ says:

    Never talk to him again.
    Forget about him.
    Don’t come to the wedding.
    You’ll feel stupid there, & you’ll probably ask yourself why you came.
    If you said “No” & he doesn’t respect that, then don’t come at all.
    Show them that when you say something, you actually mean it.

  15. tumbleweed says:

    I would ask him-no TELL HIM-to leave you alone. Walk away from them and have nothing to do with them.

  16. Amy N says:

    I’d never speak to either of them ever again, simple as that. if they persist ignore that they even exist, if the persist to the point that it interferes with your life, tell them that if they keep it up you’ll file for harassment. put them completely behind you and move on.

  17. bill at msn says:

    I do not think you did anything wrong, and you are justified not going. I salute you for not spitting on both of them. You are a very good person.

  18. I tellz Da TrUtH! says:

    I think you should not go. She knew how much you loved him and she would do that to you. It’s all a game that they want you to play they want you to go to the wedding see what you used to have and then you going to get angry and be upset and there is going to be conflict. If she felt bad as she says she does then she would not be marring him in the first.

  19. cangel says:

    tell him No and that you no longer want to hear from them, what they did were nasty and he deserves what she gives him

  20. Margaret R says:

    If it was me I would have to modify him and his his car slightly, as for her I would have to make sure she sees fear every time she thinks of screwing with another person.

  21. analyse says:

    I am so sorry that happened to you…please do not go to the wedding. You will be making them feel better, especially here. She just wants to sleep better at night..do not give her the satisfaction.

  22. MAC Barbie says:

    YUCK!!! Wtf ?!! NO NO NO!!! You should not go. If his fiance wanted you to come, why wasn’t she the one to call you? She obviously didn’t feel that bad because not only did she give him some h**d she got engaged to him. SLUT. Save face- don’t go to that wedding. How will you be introduced- “she’s the one I was about to marry until I found a better blow job”? No it’s just too embarrassing.

  23. spongecakey says:

    i would thinks shes got a bloody nerve asking you to come to the wedding after doing that to you. Sounds like they deserve each other….forget both of them!
    For him to have done that to you…shows just how little he thought of you..and shes no more than a tart…for doing oral sex on him..knowing you two were engaged. Theyre not worth your time mate……move on and find a better person…who you can trust.

  24. FoxxxyGirrrl says:

    Sounds like you did everything you could do. I think it’s insensitive and takes a lot of nerve for either of them to ask you to come to their wedding.

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