What two words would you use to describe your wedding?

February 19th, 2011

Either the wedding you already had, or are planning now!

21 Responses to “What two words would you use to describe your wedding?”

  1. marie e says:

    total disaster

  2. curmudgeon says:

    waste of money (3 words…sorry)

  3. Amanda says:

    1: Elegant
    2: Cheap

    Haha. My venue is gorgeous and expensive, but I’m shopping on a tight budget for everything else. = )

  4. Naias ♥ says:

    soul-mates and eternity

  5. brojonesmom says:

    Low key

  6. Teeby says:

    Quick and fun.

    Quick because we planned it in 2.5 weeks and it was still a formal, very nice affair. Fun because our guests still keep telling us how they had so much fun and so did we!

  7. go pennstate says:

    1. Beautiful
    2. Fun

    I shopped on a budget, planned everything myself I listened to others but did things my way, didn’t get overwhelmed because I space all the tasked over a year one or two things a month not everything at once.

  8. dances_with_unicorns1955 says:

    “Big Mistake” 😉

  9. lynda says:


  10. james h says:

    Wonderful time.

  11. seahorse says:

    Pure Hell!

  12. ashleyd says:

    Island wedding

  13. emmy says:


  14. Avery's Mommy says:

    White trash

    LOL – we got married the day after he got back from Iraq in a tiny little church in rural Louisiana. I didn’t even know most of the guests, we called the preacher the morning of to set up a time, the preacher called me by the wrong name during the ceremony, and my husband didn’t answer when he was supposed to repeat the vows. On top of all that, the preacher was a mailman during the week, and we saw him delivering mail a few days later. He was also an hour late to the ceremony because he lost his cell phone. I wore flip flops under my dress. If I remember correctly, my aunt and mom hummed the wedding march as I walked down the aisle because there was no music. We had dinner at a cheesy hotel restaurant for our reception. Our cake was a red velvet sheet cake that someone had quickly put our names on. We spent the night at a hotel that was booked solid for a kids’ baseball tournament. I could go on and on…

  15. ZiggyMa says:

    Private (Only parents and siblings invited)
    Absurd (I don’t like weddings and am only doing this ridiculous ritual for my mother…. otherwise I’d elope.)

  16. GINGERLYN T says:


  17. sylvia says:

    Family party!

  18. jeannielunchbox says:

    elegant, minimalist

  19. Peace says:

    Artistic and casual.

    We’re getting married in a gallery space with only our closest family and friends.

  20. Wicked Bride says:

    Fun and Party!
    (it’s in Vegas)

  21. Lydia says:

    Traditional Ukrainian

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