What to Expect From Your Hog Roast Caterer?

July 6th, 2011

As hog roasts become more and more popular there are always the opportunists out there who will try to capitalise on the good name of many other professional catering companies and in some cases, provide a lesser service that can have a detrimental effect on a special event or occasion for which individuals can pay a large amount for. In retrospect there are many high quality companies that can be booked to be the perfect hog roast caterer for any party or celebration, the secret is to research and check available options for your area. An event shouldn’t be marred by a fly by night imposter looking to make a quick profit at the expense of guests and party organisers. That is why there are many a hog roast caterer who can be contacted for references and testimonials, with many listing their latest venues and customers on websites, blogs and other online mediums.

Although the number of reported complaints towards the hog roast catering industry are very few and far between, it is always prudent to make double sure before making a final decision on the service provider you wish to place your trust in, after all, it should be a memorable event for all the right reasons. Never the less, there are a few tips that can help you make the right decision based on the type of catering solution you require, making it easy to make the right choice. The time a company has been established for is often a good indication to how well they can deliver their services and there is a wide and varied array of companies with a proven track record for delivering quality hog roast catering that have a number of years behind them. Another important factor is the distance a company will have to travel to reach a venue or address. With many companies now franchised across the UK, it means that there is more availability for choosing a professional company whilst having the peace of mind that locally sourced meats and produce can be obtained so that a hog roast caterer doesn’t have to travel long distances with perishable items.

Always be wary about extremely low prices as there may be more lurking beneath the surface than you may wish to experience, often perhaps with the drop in price being directly linked to the quality and freshness of the hog being used. Obviously there are companies that can offer highly competitive prices and this is very normal as businesses compete for custom, however, always ask to be notified where your hog has come from if the price seems too good to be true. Compared to other good quality hogs, the average price for a hog retails for approximately 180 – 200 + vat from quality hog roast caterers when factoring in the costs to hire a hog roast machine and catering staff for an event. You would pay less through a butcher, however if presented with unbelievable quotes for prices such as 120 – 150 for everything, you must question the quality of the service you will receive and the safety of the origins of the hog, the age of the animal and the overall quality of the equipment used.

The end result is this, by all accounts, paying the correct price will ensure that you receive a service that will surpass all expectations, regardless of your budget and how many guests you need to cater for. Companies such as Hog Roast Caterer are amongst a group of professional experts with the right experience, knowledge and professional resources to present the perfect solution to any catering project, party, event and special occasion.

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