What to do at a lingerie shower?

October 3rd, 2010

I am planning a lingerie shower for my best friend. There will be some older women there as well as the brides mom and future mother-in-law. What are some games that we can do that are not too naughty?

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  1. Billy Dee says:

    I would just give a regular shower and invite the elders, and then I would get all the young and in shape women for the lingerie party and invite men over to watch them model it.

  2. Paul V says:

    Invite me and have all the ladies model an outfit!!!

  3. ashmoontree says:

    Try this website:


    Lingerie parties are fun, and can easily be done tastefully. Your games don’t have to focus on sex or anything raunchy. Just have fun and enjoy being women!

  4. Mustang Sally says:

    At my lingerie shower last year, we played 2 games that were great (my mom and my future mother in law were there)…….one game was the toilet paper game – there was 14 people there total, and they split in groups of 3 or 4 and were told to chose one girl and make a wedding dress out of toilet paper on her. That was super funny. Then the bride to be chooses a winner.
    The second game was to have everyone coming buy a pair of underwear that they have or would wear themselves. Then the bride has to guess who brought that pair of undies and why she thinks…it gets pretty funny! Then of course the bride keeps all the new underwear. Theres tons of games online you can find as well. Have fun.

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