what subjects are needed to study to become a wedding planner?

April 11th, 2010

what subjects are needed to study to become a wedding planner?
i neeed to know what subjects to i can choose them for my year
10 electives 🙂

thaank u xxx

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  1. Jeanne B says:

    Probably the most important is small business functions. Certainly bookkeeping, accounting, negotiating with irate vendors and bridal parties would be good, management. Then you would want a class that gives you a design background so you know what looks good for setting up drapery, tables, flowers, and the general locations. Any classes in cultural settings will help because you will be asked to arrange weddings for a large array of cultures. Psychology classes are a must, too. Classes that introduce you to schedule planning, as well as how to network so you can find vendors for all the parts and pieces you’ll be needing for your wedding business.

    No matter what classes you end up with, be sure to ask a million questions about what the professors think you might need to know. Even their personal opinions may help because if one person thinks that way, there will eventually be more who also think that way.

    Where ever you end up, consider attending as many weddings as you can your personal mission. Even very bad weddings will teach you something. You can even offer to plan a wedding for friends and others who couldn’t otherwise afford a planner. It’s not just a great wedding gift, but you can get experience that way, and be sure to ask for feed back -like a grade on a paper at school. Throuh all of this keep scrupulous notes. You might think you’ll remember it all, but you won’t. You’ll find that out on the first wedding you know is similar to one you attended, or a comment made in class, and then you can’t remember what the solution was! Draw pictures, too, not all notes tell you enough to know what you were thinking at the time you made them.

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