What should I be for halloween?

July 6th, 2011

I’m 23 and I’m short. Let’s think of something good, age-appropriate, and note frumpy. I’d rather be cute or classy than chunky or slutty. AKA, no “sexy nurse” and no “M and M” costume ideas…

I want something clever. I’m thinking about Corpse Bride. I’d like to do something that’s maybe sexy and zombie-related…I’m leaning torwards fake blood…Maybe even an over-dosed high school cheerleader…hmmm.

Anyway, suggestions?

8 Responses to “What should I be for halloween?”

  1. earmour says:

    I am gonna be a bad fairy… not xxx but I bought a black and hot pink tutu, black tank top that says spooky, wings, wand, fishnet or striped stocking… good luck, I guess yo u could be a bad dead fairy?? Oh by the way, I am 22 and short, 5 foot 2 to be exact!

  2. KALI says:

    I went as the bride of chucky. I got alot of good responses from it.

  3. Ramj says:

    You will be the “Queen Of Brides” with a headbond(with the axe).. you will look nice. then the dress will bo a white gown. Try it! You will look fabulous!

  4. Goga M says:

    Try the Cat suit… Imagine yourself in a tight black, latex costume, with a tail of course, and the ears… A sexy, little black kitten is always a fine choice… And the guys will be all over you.

  5. Randy G says:

    If you want classy, I suggest Morticia Addams from the Addams Family. Or you may also try something Asian or exotic like Sadako from “The Ring”.

  6. WhEn-BlOnDeS-aTtAcK says:

    Me and my friends are going to be bad school girls we are going to wear school uniforms. I dont know what u look like so i don’t know what u should be.

    -a mean teacher
    -gothic person

  7. Tina says:

    It seems like that ur a person with enormous imaginations……
    I think u should choose and decide by ur own…Besides.. you’re the one huz gonna wear it….
    If I where suggested to wear a big pumkin, but I don’t like pumkin! Then that ends up with a lot of suggestions and imprecise decision.
    Go with the thing that you think that would best fit your likes and personality.

  8. yusef a says:

    ware avampier close

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