What makes a girl look innocent and sweet?

April 27th, 2011

I don’t know… but when I try to look sexy, I can guarantee, I will look trashy! So here I am, wearing just my bridal lingerie… hope some of you like it. I’m very romantically minded so you will never see me in a leather dress swinging a whip 🙂 Piano improvisation played by a very talented friend Celine

16 Responses to “What makes a girl look innocent and sweet?”

  1. greenhawk46 says:

    I don’t know-clothing? attitude? you’re sweet and sexy in this vid, bridal clothing gives you innocence-really pretty too-
    xxxx Jim

  2. DayTrippeh says:

    Looks like a man.

  3. MrPetrabella says:

    Toller Stil, schöne Aufnahmen,superb, bewundernswert!!

  4. blugar28 says:

    you are very very sexy and very cutie

  5. allyssacd66 says:

    can you tell me the same of the song thats played…

  6. eyeloveUgurls says:

    ” What makes a girl look innocent and sweet ?”
    1) Dreamy eyes – like yours
    2) Lush kissable lips – like yours
    3) A young face – like yours
    4) Soft shoulders – like yours
    5) A slender body – like yours
    6) Ultra femme lingerie

  7. torbrex1 says:

    You are simply magnificent

  8. audeon58000 says:

    magnifique de féminité!

  9. davida379 says:

    Gorgeous not Trashy

  10. Loraguy says:

    I don’t know what “it” is that makes a girl look sweet and innocent. But I recognize “it” when I see “it”, and Celine, you have “it”! A lot of “it”.

  11. tiktikl says:

    You look way too beautiful and feminine to ever look trashy dear! And I must say that your bridal lingerie, no matter how innocent, sweet and romantic fits your perfect curves so well and enhances your lovely face so perfectly, that it is difficult to not have the beginning of somewhat trashy and enticing thoughts….

  12. bbambbam1 says:

    Absolutely fabulous and very seductive….the picture of the perfect bride….

  13. slaughterpuss says:


  14. iluvcds2 says:

    that’s not trashy, that’s sexy as hell!!!

  15. FrankXavierD says:

    By my hand I caress you.
    With these lips I kiss you.
    In my heart you will be always With Me.
    My arms long to hold you.
    With these eyes I see Only you.

  16. digitalmckracken says:

    Celine i do not think you have ever looked “trashy” while trying to look sexy, you do yourself a great disservice by saying that.
    You look wonderful and have posted an amazing video… who is your “very talented friend” he or she need some credit for that piano solo… it was wonderful!!!

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