What is the difference between engagement and wedding rings?

June 8th, 2011

Are they actually separate or do the engagement rings become the wedding rings? Also, guys give rings to girls, but does it go the other way too? Or does the guy get both? And do the rings have to match? Or is the guys ring different? Do wedding rings have to be like gold or diamonds?

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  1. Ashera says:

    The engagement ring is given to a woman when the man proposes, this is separate from the wedding band which is exchanged during the ceremony. After you are married you will wear the band and engagement ring together. Your husband will only wear the band.

    Traditionally the rings are gold or silver with diamonds. But, you can do whatever you want. Since wedding rings are usually a large expense, you should choose what will make you happy even if it’s not traditional.

  2. 320x200 says:


    The guy gives the girl an engagement ring. Traditionally (in the USA at least) it’s a diamond ring.
    At the wedding the guy and girl put wedding rings on each-other. The girl has two now.
    The wedding rings are usually the same general style/color, although can be a bit different.
    Wedding rings don’t usually have diamonds. Gold is the most common, although there’s other metals too.

  3. MaggieMae says:

    An engagement ring (usually a diamond in the US) is given to a woman as a promise to marry. It is like collateral for the marriage. If you break up you have to return the ring. Same as if you propose to your boyfriend and give him an engagement ring (this practice is becoming more popular).

    Sometimes an engagement ring if it is a band of gold with writing on it (sometimes called a posy ring) can be used as both a wedding ring and an engagement ring, especially if the person doesn’t like to wear two rings. You can find posy rings on the internet.

    A wedding ring symbolizes the actual marriage itself. That is usually a band of gold, sometimes with diamonds, sometimes not. It solidifies the union itself.

    Rings do not have to match. It is up to the individual couple on what they prefer.

    After the marriage if you divorce, both rings are yours forever because you went through with the marriage.

  4. Halo Mom says:

    An engagement ring is normal a diamond ring, with one large diamond in the center

    Wedding ring could be a plain gold band
    It could be a band with gemstones in it
    It’s normally an band style ring

    Some people never get a engagement ring
    You do not have to have one

    A wedding ring, today most bride and grooms get one
    It could be as simple as you want or as fancy
    Most people have wedding rings, it tell others you are taken

  5. Diamond Expert says:

    An engagement ring is given during the ‘proposal’. If the girl accepts – well, then you guys are engaged! The wedding band comes before the wedding ceremony. Your fiancé (girlfriend) puts your ring on you. And you put her ring on her. The girl does buy her guy a wedding band. She does not buy her man the engagement ring. The rings do not need to match at all. It’s a nice touch however if you use the same color metal. Guys like Titanium and Tungsten but they might go for WG. The girl should get platinum. Here is a bit more info on metals you may find helpful: http://www.whiteflash.com/diamonds_info/t/articles.aspx?articleid=809

    Good Luck!

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