What is a good name for my blog?

May 11th, 2011

Its going to be about myself(of course) my 1 yr old daughter and my fiance which is my babys daddy…yeah were doing things backwards by having a baby first and then getting married..but its ok! We Already live together and my fiance works 3rd, I work and go to school and were planning a wedding…ahh crazyness..so any ideas of a good name for my blog???

3 Responses to “What is a good name for my blog?”

  1. Sindhu S says:

    if u want to do adsense for ur blog. your blog name is very important. your blog name must be containing any keyword is best. neither you can choose any name.
    the below blog is only for created get high traffic. do u want traffic

  2. Martin Simpson says:

    I guess the name should be really sweet and sounds like “HAPPY FAMILY” but it also depends upon what type of things you are going to post on your blog.

  3. Amit G says:

    “we are crazy”

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