What field do you have 2 study 2 become a Wedding Planner?

April 4th, 2010

I want to become a wedding planner but i do not know what specified degree i have to earn? Please help me find my field of study. Thank You.

5 Responses to “What field do you have 2 study 2 become a Wedding Planner?”

  1. emoboyzrhot says:

    maybe events management.

  2. dk says:

    Definitely restaurant and hospitality services in part.

  3. Lexibaby says:

    culinary school

  4. dbabyg4567 says:

    Hospitality Management

  5. girlinusa says:

    If you google wedding planners on line courses you will find heaps of courses that are rather cheap. Good tip for you is go around your local city for wedding planners and bridal shops and gain the experience, EXPERIENCE is key element for clients. It is a tough industry so get the edge over others. Good luck with it.

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