What did you pay for your wedding flowers?

May 3rd, 2011

I am planning my wedding for April next year, and working out a bit of a rough budget.
Obviously I will need to talk to a florist, but I was just wondering what you guys paid for your flowers.
I live in Australia.
I will be needing:
– 6 buttonholes
– 2 smallish bouquets of roses (1 bride, 1 bridesmaid)
– 6 corsages for the ladies.
– 2 small centrepieces (similar shape and size to bouquets)

Just roughly what you paid for each would be great šŸ™‚


15 Responses to “What did you pay for your wedding flowers?”

  1. chemland says:

    0.00 USD, I am not married yet. Congrats though!!!

  2. dreamingaboutyouto says:

    I’m paying about 300 dollars for
    1 bridal bouquet
    3 bridesmaids
    1 flower girl headband
    3 groomsmen boutonnieres
    1 groom boutonniere
    7 extra bout’s

  3. Katie says:

    i’m paying about 40 bucks for DIY silk flower bouquets
    1 bridal bouquet
    2 BM bouquets

    I haven’t gotten the boutinaires(sp?) yet or centerpieces.

    i’m estimating about $100 for everything including centerpieces

  4. CareBear says:

    Im spending all together 1400. It’s way more than I wanted, but thats with my bouquet which is 150. 3 bridesmaids which is 50 each. 5 boutinerres for 10 each. 40 on 14 centerpieces and some other flowers for the ceremony and registration table.

  5. So Free says:

    I just went to a florist here in my town, for almost the same list you have the price list was over $200 and that’s NOT with roses!!! just one stem (one Single rose) $4.00 soo what me and my finace is doing, like a couple of days before the wedding we are going to like walmart, martins, like food stores you get 12roses for 4.99 (here where I live at) and we are making our own bouquets buttonholes, corsages and centerpieces. We love DIY stuff so thats what we wanted to do..So I can get so many roses for little price plus other types of flowers..

    So if I get 10 bouquet of roses which is 12 long stem roses in one thats 120roses for $50.00 which in my store its $4.99 for 12 roses and if I want to get other white roses or any other types I can get another 10 bouquet of other flowers and spend another $50.00 for 120of other types of flowers thats 240 flowers.. I think thats a good fair price compared to what a florist will give you.

    Here is a really good SIMPLE video for making your own bouquets http://video.about.com/weddings/Make-a-Wedding-Bouquet.htm

  6. hussian13 says:

    I am not married yet, but when i get married i will be paying least on flowers and nothing on other things. But i will definitely spend after marriage when we go for vacation immediately after the big day. Why show off, take a break for one or two months and go away from your place. Think only about yourself and your other half.. Start planning for your break ………Happy marriange and happy life thereafter.

  7. yourlildarling65 says:

    I have not taken care of my flowers yet but when I did speak with a florist at a bridal show I fell in love with a 30 rose bouquet with rhinestone centers and it was $145. For prom one year my fiance had a rose boutonniere and it was $20. The centerpieces I have looked into are rather expensive. The cheapest I could find was very small and ugly and started at $40. Flowers are not cheap. I am considering Samsclub.com and doing my own since it is all just roses they are $0.75 each and that is cheaper than any silk rose I can find..

  8. MissE says:

    I only had my bouquet. My MIL made it for ā‚¬40. It was hard to find exactly what I wanted, due to the fact that my particular flowers were totally out of season. It also made them a little more expensive

  9. jellybeancounter says:

    At our wedding, we got the boutonnieres for free (we gave our florist a lot of business). If we had paid for them I think they would have been about $5-10 each.

    My bridesmaid bouquets were $75 (USD) each, and they were all roses
    Corsages were $20 each for the moms and grandmas, and $5 for the aunts (since they were smaller)
    We had pretty large centerpieces that were $150 each

  10. Allie Duff says:

    -6button holes

  11. sweetieface says:

    local grocery store
    Bouts: $9.99 each (x5)
    Corsages $14.99 each (x2)
    Reception and ceremony flowers are included in our venue – thank god
    1 bridal bouquet $25.00
    2 bridesmaid bouquets $50

  12. Bronnie says:

    It really depends on the time of year, the colour of the roses, and prices will vary greatly depending on the florist and the style of arrangement.

    You’re only going to get a straight answer from a florist in your area.

    Personally, I am not having flowers, I will have a brooch bouquet and no attendants. The brooch bouquet can then be trimmed to be a centrepiece of cake decoration and then I can keep it forever. Maybe a couple of buttonholes for the parents.

  13. marybeth says:

    For economical minded brides, consider purchasing flowers from a flower wholesale such as WholeBlossoms. They offer diy wedding flowers at wholesale pricing. Many brides opt for this today.

  14. Because I Said So says:

    I paid $450 including delivery for 7 boutonnieres, 5 corsages, and 4 bouquets.

  15. Jone Te says:

    Iā€™m a Banquet Manager in Philadelphia. The majority of cakes I have seen are Buttercream, round, 3 layers plus the top and cost anywhere between $3-$6 a slice (diameter of cake determined by size of wedding). If the wedding is very large, sheet cakes are provided, so as to preserve the wedding cake presentation. If they are small the bottom layer is made of styrofoam and decorated same as the rest of the cake. Fondant has to be peeled off before being served, which ruins the cakes presentation. Also, stay away from fruit filled cakes and carrot cakes. They also ruin presentation, as they are very difficult to cut.

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