What did you enjoy most about your wedding and what seemed like “money down the drain”?

October 10th, 2010

I’m just beginning to plan my wedding and would like to budget wisely and have a fun, memorable time. Any advice on a facet of your wedding that really made your day and/or tips on budjeting well?

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  1. happilymarried says:

    Favors were ABSOLUTELY money down the drain.

    Everything else was necessary. Whatever you do DO NOT cheap out on a photographer. I did and my pictures sucked. It’s my biggest regret.

  2. MommyAnna says:

    I would agree with previous post… favors were kind of a waste. Also, invitations! (since so many people just throw them away!!) We bought very inexpensive yet very elegant invitations, and I’m so glad we did. Pay your photographer well (you’ll be so happy you did) and also your florist.

  3. Allyson S says:

    I agree about the photographer. That was the one place I refused to “go cheap”. However, do your research and find one that fits you and your style, someone you hit it off with. I have had friends hire photograpgers for thousands of dollars and they didn’t have any chemistry. The photographer was pompas and bossy. You don’t want that. Just do your homwork, look around and when you find a vendor you click with, book them. I am happy to say I didn’t book the most expensive but I didn’t book the cheapest. Eveyone of my vendors are like friends now. We “clicked” and they are perfect for what I want.

  4. mimegamy says:

    Wedding favors are a huge waste of money. Make sure you have a good photographer. You don’t need tons of bridal attendants. Food at the recpetion needs to be good, hot but doesn’t need to cost $25.00 per person. Flowers are beautiful but you don’t need them EVERYWHERE and the same flowers from wedding can be used at reception.

  5. pspoptart says:

    Neccesary: Great photography, beautiful location (for good pics of course :), full open bar (my HTBs demand)

    Uneccesary: mongramed napkins, pew bows, personalized matchbooks, expensive invitations, DJ, black tie clothing

    When you are planning there’s four key rules you should keep in mind:

    1. It’s a party, it’s a party, it’s a party…..what is a reception when you get down to the bare bones of it? Thats right a party to celebrate your and your new husbands union. Plan like its a party instead of a wedding and you and your guests will have barrels of fun and great memories

    2. Guests are going to notice what is there, not what isnt……Don’t fall for the wedding industry hype that you have to have this and that. The only thing you have to have is an officant, yourselves, and two legally required witnesses. Everything else is fluff n stuff. Nobody is going to say “where’s the lobster?” they will say “that chicken was dry and gross” if you cut corners on the chicken so you can have lobster. Make sure everything you DO have is quality.

    3. How long is this going to be looked at or really remembered?……If you don’t have money to burn this is a key question. We’ll take an example like invitations. Sent out two months before hand. Who’s gonna remeber them on wedding day and who’s going to save them except a scrapbook happy aunt or two and you?

    Another approach to this rule is to ask older couples…”Mom, what did your invitations look like?” or “Aunt Milly that wedding you went to 6 months ago did they have _______” If they can’t answer it probably isn’t that important.

    4. Flow with it and enjoy your day honey!…..This is your wedding you worked forever for. I promise 6 months from now nobody will remember that the napkins were ivory and the tablecloth was white or that the flowers were the wrong kind of roses. They will remember if you throw a hissy fit and make a big deal about it during the wedding. You and your husband set the mood so act like it. Yell at the vendors later when you aren’t trying to have a good time.

  6. no_frills says:

    I agree with favors were not needed. I bought edible ones.

    I scaled down the cocktail hour to just hand passed hors d’oeuvre after just attending a wedding where they had a buffet before the main course, and was too full for dinner and then desert.

    Also decided on a DJ instead of a band with a singer. I have seen too many weddings where the bands were not too good. One asked our table to start dancing and try to get others into it. Many were excellent also, but a DJ was less money and took less time to audition.

    One extra that I like, was we had a violist and keyboard player during the cocktail hour and the ceremony.

  7. Elizabeth L says:

    When I planned my wedding I had a theme and every thing I spent money on related to it. Everything added to the theme we were creating …which was autumn and the turning of the leaves. I received SO many compliments on how we had thought of everything and the wedding was perfect. Overall there were a lot of things we could have spent less on but I’m glad we didn’t. When planning your wedding I would suggest making two lists…one is the essentials (dress, reception hall, cake, flowers) and the second all the things you would love to include. Then rank the second from most to least important. Then after you have covered all the big stuff you can start working away on your second list. Congrats! Good Luck!

  8. anon says:

    The one vendor I am glad I spent money on was the photographer. He did a spectacular job, and we will have the pictures forever.

  9. abfabmom1 says:

    What I enjoyed the most about my wedding was the fact that all of my loved ones were in one place at one time, and having fun together! Honestly, it was the best party I have ever been to, and if I had it to do over again, I would have booked more time for the reception.

    I didn’t have any money to put down the drain, so I don’t think I planned anything that would have been wasteful. We didn’t have favors, but if we had, this would have been on the list…So far, I have never received a wedding favor that was even remotely useful, and I haven’t been able to figure out what the point of this is.

    The one thing I wish I had more money to spend on was the photographer. In truth, it’s the only thing from the wedding that lasts more than one day (except for the marriage, of course!). The photos I have are great, but I hired a woman who did this as her side job, and I would really have liked to have more photos, done more professionally.

  10. geistswoman says:

    Favors are a waste of money so find something very inexpensive (I made my own chocolate lolly pops and placed one on every plate). Also, the wedding was outside in July so I had asian fans for everyone (cost, under $1 each)

    What I liked best about my wedding…the location. Got married out front of a museum and the reception was inside the art gallery attached to it.

    Most wasteful…alcohol. Wedding was a Sunday afternoon so not many people were drinking much. Good thing though…I supplied the alcohol to the caterer so anything leftover (except beer and chilled wine) that was unopened I was able to return to the liquor store.

    Most remembered…the food and the DJ. Both were FABULOUS. Don’t skimp on that. Find a caterer you love! The DJ was also important. He did a great job making sure everyone had a fabulous time. It’s been a year and people are still telling me how great my wedding was 🙂 Yes, I’m proud.

    My opinion of wasteful….a videographer. I didn’t even have one. You’ll watch the video a few times and then it will collect dust.

    Also wasteful…invitations. They get thrown out almost immediately. I made my own on the computer. Wilson makes great invitations and has templates to follow.

    More waste….Flowers, they die. Consider silk or just simple and elegant…you don’t need a huge bouquet.

    Are you starting to get the idea that most things about a wedding are wasteful? You just need to decide what is most important to you. In the end it is just a big expensive party that doesn’t have to be so expensive!

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