What are some of the Catholic preparations for marriage?

July 3rd, 2011

What the engaged couple has to go through, not the planning of wedding but spiritual stuff.
its an RE assignment

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  1. C V says:

    My ex-wife and I were married in a Catholic church. We had to go to a lame class that preached using the rhythm method (at least that’s all I remember from it), and we had to make a donation to the church. That was about it.

  2. orchidmg says:

    I think communication is the most important thing. Are you both wanting your children to be raised Catholic? What about Catholic schooling? Spiritually are you both faithful to God? Meaning that God is first in your life. Do you both pray each day? in the morning, during meals, at bedtime? Do you read the bible? Do you both day the rosary? Understand it? things like that are important to know about each other and if you don’t, maybe you can start together.

    Also, talk about finances and future plans and dreams.

    Good luck and congrats.

  3. Roni says:

    I believe that both have to first be Catholic or otherwise take classes in order to better understand the Religion. There are also pre-marriage classes to attend with a Priest. I don’t think you can call a Priest and plan a wedding without going through certain classes, which is a good cause.

    I am not Catholic but have seen Catholic weddings performed and they are beautiful ceremonies.

  4. Dr. Edge says:

    My wife and I had to go through a day long class. They basically talked about their marriages and gave us questions to think about and discuss together. It was kind of a waste for my wife and I as we had been married 6 months at that time but they required it in order for us to have a validation ceremony in the Catholic church.

  5. Marysia says:

    pre cana classes

    you will have to discuss — finances, family, children, politics and other things that are often stumbling blocks in a marriage.

    in today’s society often people rush into marriage and then say…. we never talked about “that” when it’s time for problem solving 😉

  6. Eric L K says:

    If you just want a simple sacramental marriage, talk to a priest and tell him that. You may have to take classes about what the Church teaches in regards to marriage.

  7. Daver says:

    Marriage Prep, or “pre-Cana” as it is infomally known.

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