wedding ideas and color tips needed!! lots of answers please!!?

October 6th, 2010

I am planning my wedding and have decided on blue, green, brown, and gray for colors.. It is an outside wedding and not super formal but I have no idea what shades of those colors to put together, SO I would love lots of answers with ideas, advice, and links to pictures for inspiration, please!! Thank you!

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  1. koukla rose says:

    Why gray? I can’t see how that would look good, why don’t you get rid of the gray and substitute a deeper blue or purple, and use the peacock colors with the brown.

    Yes, I just posted a picture of a peacock feather 😛

  2. seamstress says:

    As a color consultant, I do not think the grey is a good choice with the other three colors and, besides, four colors can be a bit much. Narrowing it down to the blue, green and brown are three colors you can really work wonders with. However if you want the grey, add lots of silver accents.

    Now, what shades?
    Brights: Turquoise, Apple Green, Chocolate Brown.
    Pastels: Aqua Blue, Mint Green, Milk Chocolate Brown
    Lights: Sky Blue, Lettuce Green, Milk Chocolate Brown.
    Muted: Slate Blue, Sage Green, Chocolate Brown
    Jewel: Royal Blue, Emerald Green, Chocolate Brown

  3. Meaghan_Bailey says:

    Check out This…..

    Its Alfred Angelo, Dream In Colour… You can mix n’ match Colours and some of the bridesmaid dresses on the site have sashes or ribbons you can change the colour on!
    Personally I would use this for a bridesmaid dress

    But you can play around and find what you like!

    For the groom and groomsmen, you could put them in light grey suits maybe with Lime green ties or something.

  4. Had enough says:

    I personally don’t think brown plus grey would go together too well. I’m also not a fan of too many colours, I think 3 work best. If the wedding will be outdoors, I assume you will have various shades of green to contend with already, some may be a deeper green, some may be closer to yellow – that will affect how the blues, browns etc. work together.

    Also bear in mind, there will be some white or ivory in there somewhere if you go the traditional route of bridal white. And your groom? Will he be wearing the traditional black? So you’ll actually have 4 colours plus white, plus black in the overall effect.

    Other thing is if you’re a real stickler for matching shades, it’s really not easy matching fabrics, shoes, accessories, flowers etc. when there are so many shades of blues, greens and greys out there. Up to you of course but sometimes less is more.

  5. Giggles says:

    Sounds very beachy! I would suggest green and brown or blue and gray for the dresses, and blue and green for the flowers. Since the colors are rather beachy, why not have a beach theme? the centerpieces could be straigh vases partly filled with beach sand and shells.

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