We don’t have the money for a “real” wedding, is having a bridal shower rude.?

May 11th, 2011

We are planning on having a small courthouse wedding or just a small thing at the church with our families. Is it rude to have a bridal shower and invite people that wouldn’t be attending the wedding.
Or if everything goes as we plan we will have the “real” wedding in a year would it be rude to have it then since technically we would already be married, or should we just forgo the shower completley

8 Responses to “We don’t have the money for a “real” wedding, is having a bridal shower rude.?”

  1. EugeneCorse says:

    get married when you have the money.
    you only have one chance to get married, you know? (well most people anyways). make it special.

  2. Mamour says:

    When you hear how much people spend for weddings ? It is so outrageous and such a waste. Usually get divorced within the first 5 years if not sooner.
    Just get married and someday for an anniversary go on a honeymoon somewhere.
    No shower, nothing, just get married and be happy.
    All that hoopla for nothing !

  3. This Guy says:

    Sorry, but yes. I get invited to my un-close friends bridal showers all the time without being invited to the wedding. If they’re closely related to you (cousin/niece/uncle/etc.) and they won’t be attending the wedding you should invite you, but high school friends and such, no. Congrats on your marriage! Good luck with it!

  4. Quixt says:

    As long as this the first marriage for both of you, its not rude. Let you friends know that there will be no big wedding reception, and that you don’t want them to feel obligated to bring a gift. Most will bring a gift anyway.

  5. Bears Mom says:

    If a close friend is having the shower and inviting people then no it’s not rude. They will tell people you are having a small courthouse wedding but basically the shower would be like asking for presents. Never throw your own shower. Still if a close friend wants to have one for you because people want to get you things then it isn’t rude.

  6. Flora Post says:

    It’s not rude to have a bridal shower in this situation, but it a bride should never throw herself a bridal shower. I close friend or a relative other than your mother or fiancĂ©’s mother could give you one.

  7. i love cats says:

    when u have bridal shower people bring u present because they count to be invited on your wedding reseption and have a free meal and nice entertainment, hello! and u cheap freaks make me sick. quit freeloading ! get marreid when u have money!

  8. HappyDog says:

    It’s completely inappropriate to invite anyone to a shower who has not been invtited to the wedding and reception. Check any etiquette book.

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