want an outdoor wedding, but I am catholic?

July 2nd, 2011

Me and my fiance want to have an outdoor wedding, in fact that is the only aspect of our wedding that truely means something to use. We are getting married in the fall and with the colors it should make for a beautiful ceremony. My problem is I am aware that in a catholic faith one must ONLY be married in the church in order to make it offical, being raised a catholic my whole life it would truely bother me to not have my wedding looked at as ‘real’ according to my faith, however I would be devasted if I couldnt marry outdoors. If I need a cheap reception.. fine, if I need a cheap dress and small cake.. fine, I am a flexiable person but not having an outdoor wedding is something I am not willing to compromise because that is the ONLY thing i’ve ever wanted. I was wondering if it would be possible to be married by the church a few days before the actual outdoor ceremony this way I get to be happy that my faith approves and I get the wedding I want (p.s. I do not want an outdoor reception.. only the wedding) We are trying to save money and do not have a lot, the outdoor ceremony will cost 500 dollars and I can’t see myself spending hundreds of dollars again for a church wedding. I was wondering if it would be cheaper to be married in a small church chapel with only two witnesses on a early morning weekday or if it’s even possible to be married in a priest’s office. I am not looking to have a big ceremony, I am only doing this in order to have my marriage accepted. I am hoping I can do this small little vow exchange a few days before the outdoor ceremony ( I am not planning on wearing my wedding dress for the church vow exchange,possible just a little flowie white dress) Does anyone know if this is possible and how much it would cost? I am part of a parish if that counts for anything.
JUST TO CLEARIFY… I AM NOT ‘ SCREWING’ WITH ANYTHING.. A AM A CATHOLIC AND HAVE BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE, IF I WAS SCREWING AROUND I WOULDNT EVEN CARE ABOUT MY FAITHS RULES AT ALL SO PLEASE REFRAIN FROM THE INSULTS THANK YOU!.. also I am not sure if I have been completly clear but I am not having a mass, just the vows and in the chapel area of the church, I have read that all I need is my two witness, if other people from the parish are there fine… but as for MY guests, just the two witnesses. I honestly feel it is wrong that I am being told I can not have an outdoor ceremony since God is present EVERYWHERE. but I do love my faith and wish to respect their needs which is why I am willing to look into two ceremonies, but I also want to be true to myself and considering it is the most important day of my life I should be able to have the wedding of my dreams.

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  1. Daver says:

    You and your fiance HAVE TO have a meeting with the priest that’s going to be presiding over the wedding – the real wedding, and discuss this with him.

    Oh, and don’t get your hopes up.

    Matrimony is a Holy Sacrament, something not ment to be “screwed with” in the manner that you’re suggesting.

  2. peacebuffalo says:

    You can have your outdoor wedding recognized by the Catholic church

    Check out these sites and pay special attention to the last paragraph in the first link.



  3. imacatholic2 says:

    All Catholic sacraments are public, not private, events. Even weddings.

    These are occassions for the entire church community to come together and celebrate the union of a man and a woman . Although everyone is not necessarily invited to the reception, no one is turned away from the actual wedding ceremony.

    Because of this communal quality of the Sacrament of Marriage, the Code of Canon Law says a marriage is ideally to be celebrated in the parish church.

    However a marriage can be celebrated:
    • In another church with permission of the bishop or pastor
    • In any other suitable place with permission of the bishop

    For more information, see the Code of Canon Law, section 1118: http://www.vatican.va/archive/ENG1104/__P40.HTM

    With love in Christ.

  4. BrunetteBeauty120 says:

    We had the same issue but there are some priests that will do outdoor ceremonies (our priest does not!). The priest is a good friend of the family and I only wanted to be married by him so we just decided what we wanted more an outdoor wedding or to be married by a friend?! It is just going to mean so much to us to have him marry us, more than an outdoor wedding…..and were having a july wedding so i dont think the guests will be too happy sitting outside sweating their butts off lol!

  5. Cat Lover says:

    You should be asking a priest, not the people on here! Different churches may have different rules.

    I know someone who wanted to get married outside, too. They had to be married in the church first, and because the priest had another wedding the same day as the outdoor one was going to be, this couple had to get married on a Thursday evening, and then the outside one was Saturday evening. None of the guests knew that the outdoor one wasn’t the “real” wedding.

    The only thing about doing it this way is that the bride said it messed with her head having two weddings. They only celebrate the second one, though.

    So talk to your priest, and if he won’t do it the way you wish, find a priest who will. No one on here knows what is permissible in your area. Good luck!

  6. Because I Said So says:

    well then the week before your wedding, get married in the church with your parents as witnesses. then you can hire a fake officiant to perform your vows in front of all the guests a week later outdoors.

  7. ♥Pixter♥ says:

    You can get married in a church first.
    If a priest is available, he will be able to renew your vows at your ceremony.

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