US citizen marrying an English citizen…How long might the before-wedding process take?

November 13th, 2010


My fiance (an English citizen) and I (a US citizen) just got engaged about a month ago. Everything is quite new and still spinning. Nearly all guests coming to the eventual wedding will need to travel and will need plenty of advanced notice for the event.

Currently, we are each living in our respective countries. We plan to marry in the US and then live in the UK afterward. My fiance is not planning on staying in the US long… only for the wedding, really. We are just beginning to wade through all the VISA stuff.

Please… as we really need to think about setting a date for our many traveling wedding guests, does anyone know how long the process (necessary govt. paperwork and such prior to having a wedding) might take? Is there much paperwork before the wedding or is most of it after the wedding (spouse VISA, etc.)?

Thank you so much for any help you might be able to offer!

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  1. DAR says:

    Are you sure there is any besides the license and blood tests? He is in a visa waiver country as far as short trips go, and your paperwork will be at the UK end I would think, since you will be living there.

    Maybe I’m missing something?

  2. sweet_h says:

    As you won’t be residing in the US after the wedding, then he would not need a visa to come here. He can just come to US on a waiver.
    Once you are married you then apply for a marriage visa to be able to go and live in the UK. Make sure you have all documents they ask for, if you don’t it will delay things.

    Here is a link for further information:

    I really don’t know how long the visa takes right now, it used to take 3-4 months. Things could have got better or worse.
    Hope wedding day is lovely 🙂

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