Two Questions, First: I’m going to a wedding for someone I don’t know, am I supposed to act a certain way or?

July 5th, 2011

So, I haven’t been to very many weddings… and in two weeks I’m going to a wedding as a date for my friend. I won’t know anyone except him, and I was just wondering if there’s a certain etiquette for going to a wedding for someone you don’t know?

Second question: The wedding is on a beach in Seattle, WA where it tends to rain a lot… Not sure how the weather will be that weekend, but I have a blue-ish dress with a white shrug that I’m planning to wear, and I wanted to know if that’s ok for a beach setting?
Sorry, I should of said it’s kind of a turquoise color… So it’s not light 🙂


3 Responses to “Two Questions, First: I’m going to a wedding for someone I don’t know, am I supposed to act a certain way or?”

  1. bainaashanti says:

    What you’re planning to wear sounds great. As far as how to act, I think the way you would act at anyone else’s wedding or any party you’ve been to where you only knew a few people. That’s really all the reception is anyway, is a party.

  2. Because I Said So says:

    There’s no specific etiquette you need to know based on the fact you don’t know the bride and groom. Just act like you normally would as a wedding guest- don’t drink too much, don’t wear white/ivory, don’t steal focus or make a spectacle of yourself, and smile and have fun. Your date should supply the wedding gift since they are his friends, not yours, so you don’t have to worry about that.

    Your white shrug is fine to wear, but when you say the dress is blue-ish, I don’t know what that means. If the color tends toward white, don’t wear it. Any shade of blue is fine but if you step back from the dress and it looks near white to you, err on the side of caution and wear something else. Or if it’s a pattern with white background, be sure it’s not more than 50% white.

  3. Jilly says:

    Basically here are my rules to being a good wedding guest:

    1) First and foremost go to have a good time. Weddings are fun! There’s music and food and the couple who invited your date as their guest want it to be a proper celebration.

    2) Don’t cling to your date all night. Most people at weddings don’t really know each other that well and it’s pretty easy to strike up conversations. Make it a point to ask people questions and generally be interested in what they have to say. I’ve met some awesome people and had some great chats at wedding dinners where I didn’t know a soul besides my date.

    3) Be gracious and thank the couple for having you. They won’t know who you are so just introduce yourself, say how beautiful everything is and how lovely it was to meet them. Then don’t expect to speak to them for the rest of the night. They’ll definitely remember how nice you were, even if they don’t remember your name.

    4) Everyone around you wants to walk away from the evening thinking “that was a lovely wedding.” So, just be part of other people having a lovely experience and you’re golden.

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