Travelling Without Travel Insurance Have a Safe Journey

May 16th, 2011

Travelling abroad for a holiday is a dream for many of us. We plan our holidays years and months in advance. We save up money for the trip, we cut many corners, we cut expenses during the year, we find out all the necessary information about the hotel and research the surrounding area.We purchase our clothing and our basic needs for hot weather, including sun cream, swimwear, sunglasses, sleepers, cameras, music, books, money, evening wear, hats, visas, valid passports and other travel documents and medication. On the day before the journey we consult our check list to make sure we have everything we need. When we reach the airport check-in desk we ask for a window seat. During the flight we go through everything again to see if we have not missed anything, then we can relax as now we have made sure we’ve got everything we need. Although, ironically, we don’t have everything we need, we don’t have travel insurance.

Why take out travel insurance? We’re only going for a couple of weeks! What is going to happen in just two weeks? Why spend an additional £20 to £30 pounds on each ticket? Two weeks will go just like that in the sun, water and fun. But no! Mr H will not travel without travel insurance! when we reach our destination, we’re settled in our hotel, we will enjoy the food, the weather, swimming in the pool, the sea, the culture programs in the evening, dancing, snooker, large cinema screens, and on our second day we do the same thing again.

On our third day, we do same thing again. It is now more like a routine and we are kind of getting bored of doing the same thing. We will plan something different for the fourth day, something more adventurous, something unusual. How about a desert safari? Leaving early the next morning in the jeep. Have fun for half a day and return by lunch time. We plan the safari for the forth day and we pay the fees in advance.So, on the fourth day, we wake up early, we dress in line with of trip; we put our sunglasses on, we take scarves as there may be a lot of sand so we can cover our faces. We have our breakfast early, we choose a light option as we may feel sick on the trip otherwise.

Mr H and family are ready and waiting for the safari jeep to arrive. Mr H and family are off on safari. Unfortunately, Mr H’s jeep loses control on driving round a sharp bend in the road and the jeep is involved in an accident. Mr H doesn’t know what has happened for months. His next of kin will leave the scene to join him in hospital. God help us, he has a serious head injury and they need to operate immediately. A week later he is discharged from the hospital and his insurance company pays the full price for the private medically-equipped plane to bring him back home. The total cost of the medical and transportation was just over £100,000.This incident happened in 2008. Mr H is lucky to have survived. He survived because he had the best medical attention on time but above all he was able to pay for it because he had travel insurance. Can you afford to take travel insurance for your next holiday?

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