Tips For The Bride To Be

May 16th, 2011

Sit down and take that huge list you just downloaded and reorganizing. Make your own list of the most important thing you reach the top then down to work your way. If you are planning a wedding planner or event coordinator use, she asked to get onboard. It will cut your workload considerably and may even change your title back to “bride-to-be”.

Then consider that the two most time-sensitive services to hire, your wedding venue and photographer. Here in lies the core of my contribution. Usually, the really excellent photographers and the major venues book one year in advance and take only one customer per day. So on top of that list should be place immediately after to be PHOTOGRAPHER. Both require a non-refundable deposit to reserve your wedding day. Understand that we do not cut devious individuals looking to snatch your money to deposit. To the contrary, we are professionals planning our next year’s work the safest way possible.

In the past I have made bookings with a promise of the depot in two weeks during which time I turn down as much as 2 other customers who wanted to book me on the same day. I get the call saying “Oh, we’re very sorry, but we have changed our date and decided to use someone else.” Now, I make it a point to my potential customers to tell the guarantor the books of the day and I give them a comfortable time to go on the assignment, ask questions and send me the check. In fact, I propose a deadline, after which I will save the next interested customer.

Every marriage is different. Possibly, the location and the photographer on top of the list, but the point is priority, do your homework and secure the details that matter most to you and all other things fall into place. I’ve been witness to hundreds of beautiful weddings and I can tell you that it is a magical time. Do everything you can do to perfect, then take a step back and leave room for “Beauty … if it comes naturally.”

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