Things to plan for a wedding without a date?

June 23rd, 2011

I got engaged two days ago.
My fiance has a job that requires a lot of travel, and he is only home a few days a month. That job he has is ending in October and we will most likely be moving soon after that. This makes it impossible for us to set an exact date.

I understand that we can’t plan things like booking the reception hall, ordering the cake/flowers etc.

I’m just looking for more checklist type things that I can do without a specific date in mind. Things like picking out colours, ideas for my bouquet etc.

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  1. Paula12481632 says:

    Probably the thing with the longest time is the dresses (you and the bridesmaids); picking the styles, getting them fitted and getting them made.

  2. MML says:

    I agree with Paula’s answer about the dresses, but I will advise that you shouldn’t pick out the dresses just yet. If you do it too soon you may regret it because you may find another dress you like better for yourself and/or for your bridesmaids. My daughter-in-law did that – she got engaged and they set the date for a year later and she instantly went wedding dress shopping and bought one right away. She later regretted it because after attending several friend’s weddings throughout the year, she saw styles she liked much better. If you have to order your gown, you need at least 4-6 months before the wedding to order it and have it altered, so if you guys set a date soon and you have only a few months, then of course you need to start dress shopping. As for other things you can do now – you can always start researching locations, caterers, photographers, DJs, and florists and start getting quotes for their services. That way when you do set the date, you’ll have a better idea of who you want to use and how much it’s going to cost you and you can set your budget for the wedding. Go ahead and buy a wedding planner so that when you start getting quotes, etc., you’ll have one place to put all of your information and you’ll have something to take notes in and keep for later use. Good luck in planning your wedding and best wishes!

  3. SupernaturalSweetHeart<3 says:

    I would say to start looking at dresses for yourself and your bridesmaids (not necessarily buying one yet, just seeing what’s out there). You should also choose your colours because it will help with choosing bridesmaid’s dresses. You and your fiance should also start to think about who you would like to ask to be in your wedding party (maid of honour, bridesmaids, best man, groomsmen, flower girls, page boys) so you can start to ask people if they’d like to take part. You should also think about whether you want to get married in another country or state to where you live (or think you will move to) so that you can have a look at venues and get an idea of what you would like.

  4. Tunia says:

    Those are all great suggestions. You can also start making your guest list. Remember you can thin it out later as needed. You may also want to start a notebook. You can go buy a ready made binder with a lot of information already in it and go from there. Do not try to settle on your colors just yet. Do look at everything and save pictures. Remember the colors you use should match the season and the location/venue, so until you have those details it will be hard to actually pick colors now and use them. If you do decide to pick colors now try to make sure they are neutral colors so not matter what they will match the season and your location.

    Congratulations and best of luck!

  5. CindyLu says:

    You just said it. You can look around at centerpieces and dress styles for yourself and your MOH and bridesmaids. You can also check out caterers, cakemakers, florists, etc. and check prices without having a date yet

  6. diamondcollector says:

    get married at christmas break or new year. make sure his calendar is clear over the christmas holiday. book your church and pastor now. i imagine that the dead week between christmas and new year you should be able to find a reception venue.

  7. Ashley says:

    The things you can start planning are :
    -your colors
    -finding a dress you like (can look at the veils, shoes, jewelry too)
    -finding your bridesmaid dresses
    -favors, center pieces
    -where you would like to have your wedding and reception held
    -your guest list, figure out what kind of food you will like to have
    -looking up wedding cake designs and get ideas for what kind of cake and filling you will like
    -songs you will like to play during your wedding and reception (and for your father daugther dance, mother son dance, bridal party dance, couples 1st dance, etc)
    -you can get ideas for what flowers you want
    -select the month(s) you would like to get married on (it doesn’t have to be the exact month just ones you like best just in case your fiance is able to be home that month/request to have time off for that month)
    -your bridesmaids gifts
    -your parent of the bride and groom gifts
    -If you plan on having a dessert table (where you and your families will make the desserts) you can make a list of what you want, how many you need, and the ingredients you will need.
    -Get ideas for the reception decorations (table cloth colors, what the head table may look like, what else to put on the table with the center piece, etc)
    -Get ideas on how you will decorate the place for the ceremony (if you already know where you would like it to be held)

  8. CC 9/24/11 Bride says:

    Like you said, picking out colors, ideas of how you want your…flowers, decorations, cake, dress to look. Type of music you want, the kind of food you want…approx. guest list. Wedding party? are all things you can plan.

    Basically you can plan your entire wedding in your head and on paper…and when you know the date, you can make calls to venders. Know that the first thing venders will ask you is “when is the date?” You don’t have to know an exact date…but you should know the year and season.

    Get a notebook and put all your ideas inside.

  9. liez says:

    first, do on you save the date cards. second, the invitation, next plan on your venue so you can make your wedding program.

  10. swbarnes2 says:

    You can probably start checking out vendors, and venues, to figure out which ones you want to book. Especially venues, because those have to be the most in advance, you’ll want to pick those sooner than everything else.

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