The Israel Lobby-Total Jewish Zionist Control of USA-1 of 6

September 1st, 2010

This documentary describes the israel lobby and its influence in American politics and foreign policy. It goes into detail about the influence the neo cons had in planning the war in Iraq.

25 Responses to “The Israel Lobby-Total Jewish Zionist Control of USA-1 of 6”

  1. skyline0556 says:

    ‘Ich kann all die Juden in meiner Macht zu töten. Ich ließ ein wenig zu Ihnen, dass Sie die Juden zu erkennen und warum ich sie töten’
    Adolf Hitler

  2. skyline0556 says:

    ‘Ich kann all die Juden in meiner Macht zu töten. Ich ließ ein wenig zu Ihnen, dass Sie die Juden zu erkennen und warum ich sie töten’
    -Adolf Hilter

  3. skyline0556 says:

    Ich kann all die Juden in meiner Macht zu töten. Ich ließ ein wenig zu Ihnen, dass Sie die Juden zu erkennen und warum ich sie töten “

  4. smike53 says:

    “big fat Rabbi sitting on your couch counting all his sheckles”. Next thing, you’ll be wanting me to discuss issues with you within a logical, rational perameter, ignoring the fact that your motives and way of thinking is completely dominated by your Jewhatred. If you could bring up the level of your debate a wee bit I could relate to what your saying. If in your attempt to explain something you litter your prose with hatred-distorted history there’s not very much to add is there?

  5. KombiPode says:

    Its actually illegal for an American registered company to boycott Israel.

  6. KombiPode says:

    Those european jews who now make up 90% of Israelis were fromt he kingdom of Khazar which has no historical relationship to biblical Israel.

  7. KombiPode says:

    Denial here is those who cant accept responsibility for their own actions? You mean its everyones fault for the Oppenheimers fooling the consumer market into believing that diamonds are rare? And its our fault that Oppenheimers enslaved african farmers to work in diamond mines, extended the apartheid, caused wars all over Africa, and that Oppenheimers is just one example of a jewish family devestating the planet? its all our fault right? Well we ARE doing something about it.

  8. KombiPode says:

    err Smike you are arguing against your own argument. There is a mouse in the room and you deny it? And you say that Jew Haters are like people who deny there is a mouse in the room? What about the big fat Rabbi sitting on your couch counting all his sheckles? Jews have been thrown out of over 100 nation states in the last 2000 years. They act like a mafia and set up usury and deceit everywhere they go. Look at Oppenheimers and De Beers made diamonds rare. Jews are enemies of mankind

  9. smike53 says:

    No, its not a definition, its a symptom common to all forms of denial. By denying I can relieve myself of blame, responsibility. E.G. A mouse runs thru the living room, I say: “There is no mouse” I am, in effect, saying : “I’m not going to run after it, kill it, its not my fault, etc. In the case of Jewhaters, its: I deny any responsibility for my own lack of success, my frustration, incapacity to lead a fruitful life, -not my fault, .. ah, the Jews, its their fault…

  10. Darusdei says:

    @smike53 rejection of responsibility? that’s not the definition of the word.

  11. smike53 says:


    Denial is the rejection of responsibility, accountability, faith in one’s own power to better things for oneself and the world in general. Whats happening here is exactly that. It manifests itself in: “Its the Jews’ fault”, “its a conspiracy”, “kill the Jews they’re guilty”, “Jews rule the world”, “we’re under their control” etc etc.
    The denial here is of those who can’t accept responsibility for their own actions, instead blaming others.
    That’s denial.

  12. niceniggafigure says:

    @llHyRaXll you’re right……

  13. llHyRaXll says:

    @niceniggafigure zionist are using america…tehy dont give a shit about us…they only want us to take our money and supplies and protect them…besides, why is ther a bunch of FUCKING WHITE EUROPEANS in the middle of the middle east>???? isnt that land home to colored people??’

    the old jews look like arabs and persians…but they migrated to europe many years ago,,,and now theyve become intermkxed with white..also many europeans converted to juadism….

  14. llHyRaXll says:

    @hailtotheking324 WHY IS DUAL CITIZENship allowed in usa goverment?? doesnt that sound like bullshit?? what if they are more loyal to the otehr country over usa??? i think there is many isralie citixens on our usa goverment, and i think they are only here to make sure we serve israel for eternity…they are manipulating us for all were worth

  15. llHyRaXll says:

    @hailtotheking324 OK NOW WE KNOW WHY HITLER HATES the jews the most!!!! they were zionists scum who were controlling germany just like they manipulate our united states today…..this is so sad and pathetic to be an american now and know that these isralies are sucking us dry like leaches and laughing because we cant do anything about it… so fucking pathetic

  16. Darusdei says:

    @Tubishevat and that’s called denial 🙂

  17. Darusdei says:

    @ytzuigt well that explanation is childish but do you want to be complex when you’re talking to morons?

  18. hailtotheking324 says:

    i think the U.S. sold it’s soul to Israel during the Cold War and now we are fucked..

  19. hailtotheking324 says:

    its not just the lobby (interest group) do u know how many U.S. polcy makers like this mother of fuck at 3:40 have siblings living in Israel, duel loyalty, duel citizenship…its actually disgusting its like no other group of people from any other 5 Arab policy makers for the U.S. and ill give you an a lobby that has that much pull, name a country that gets more of our U.S. tax dollars

  20. cranyonrye says:

    Americans should boycott Jewish businesses thats all I am saying.

  21. shipmaker14 says:

    @DirkRaat Wow, that’s some strong language!

    (Me likey!!!)

  22. ytzuigt says:

    Everyone else in those conference rooms is sitting there thinking: “you goddamn American Israel puppets”
    Stuff like this gets you much closer to answering the question of why people hate America than the laughable White House explanation: “these evil people just hate our freedom”

  23. Uncle99B says:

    @Tubishevat . It would seem that denial is more than a river in Egypt. It is quite clear to anyone who looks into it that the Jewish Lobby — or Crime Family — runs the USA

  24. SuperBingo21 says:

    In fifteen years Dubai have been buillding an amazing extrodnerries some of the most amazings skyscraps I ever hard about. In the same time In fifteen years the most of what Israel did is bubbles talks, Comedies (that no-one laughting at) and-TONS OF TONS OF TONS OF DEMOLUIETIONS, that didn’t was nesseries at all.

  25. SuperBingo21 says:

    The Israelies-jews that live in Israel they are not Heros they are acshelly-Zero…WHY I’M SAYING IT…FIRST I’M AN ISRAELIE -jew mother that rised and grew-up in Israel, and trusth me I saw more than I wanted to know or see. They are not hero…They are like a spoiled child- that the whole wide world need to forgive and understand and I’m sick and tierd to know and see that…grow-up and stop screwing other people life as you did to me and my family in USA.

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