The Dream Choice Blue Wedding Dress

May 5th, 2011

And your wedding day is surely the most important day of your life; it is the day that most girls have dreamed of and planned from a very early age. It takes lots of planning and hard work to bring everything together to create a perfect wedding day. One of the most important considerations is likely to be the color of your wedding dress. Some people believe that getting married in a blue wedding dress means a good luck, as it goes along with the old saying, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” Do you think about blue bridesmaid dresses ? While most people believe that a traditional white wedding dress is the only color that should be worn there are many other perfectly acceptable colors. For instance a blue wedding dress is far more traditional than a white one. The blue wedding dress dates back to medieval times when blue was considered to be the color of purity.

White wedding dresses did not become popular until the time of Queen Victoria who was married in a white gown, this took tradition in a completely new direction and white has been worn ever since her wedding. More recently many women have been turning to colors once again when choosing their wedding dresses. Blue wedding dress becomes a new trend. And more and more brides chose blue wedding dress. Because not everyone wants to stick with a plain and somewhat drab white wedding dress when blue, green, red and even black wedding dresses look so much more elegant. Many brides prefer to match the color of their wedding gown to the season instead of sticking with a stale tradition. Of course that is not to say that you cannot wear a white wedding gown if your dream has always been to walk down the aisle all dressed in a pure white gown.

You can create a color scheme for your entire wedding party based around the color of your wedding gown by putting your bridesmaids in dresses of either the same color or one the complements it. Blue is still considered by many to be the color of purity, but the most important thing to remember is that you only get married once so the color of your dress should be yours to choose and not worn simply because of a not so old tradition. In a word, this kind of blue wedding dresses (black wedding dresses )can not only make you more charming, but give a special feeling to the others as well. Blue wedding dress is a dream choice for some brides, and you can’t go wrong with Something Blue!

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