The Bride’s Guide to Wedding Photography

August 29th, 2010

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The choice of wedding photography styles, packages, and vendors can be overwhelming for brides without a background in photography. This useful guide helps them make smart decisions every step of the way, from determining photo preferences and finding and communicating with the right photographer to choosing dress styles and colors, bouquets, and shades of makeup that positively impact portraits. Suggested time lines help brides stay organized and prepared, and budg… More >>

The Bride’s Guide to Wedding Photography

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  1. Motherof1 says:

    and simply hire a good wedding photographer whose portfolio (or part of it) you have seen online or in person. Have a sit down with your photographer with a list of times and types of shots you want based on the wedding photos you have seen of others (example see the Knot wedding site). Really, this book was unnecessary.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. When I selected our wedding photographer, I had no idea how to evaluate a studio or even which shots I wanted to capture before, during and after the ceremony. With Kathleen Hawkins book these two important bridal issues are quickly resolved, with a must-have photo list and specific interview questions that will make professional photographers share the same vision as your own.

    Having the most intimate event of one’s life preserved in film and trusting a studio to do so is one of the most challenging tasks anyone can undertake. Kathleen understands the potential frustration of couples and explains the contractual obligations of the photographer in every day language, but then she goes one step further and details how to make the engagement photo session a trial run for the wedding. Personally, I found it hard to warm up to my wife during our session, but with Kathleen’s tips on what to bring and how to relax during the session, we could have had much more memorable engagement photographs.

    The tone of the book is how to get the most out of your wedding experience and preserve those memories in photographs. Kathleen illustrates her commitment to readers and this tone by dedicating a chapter to creating three different timelines of events depending on your wedding ceremony style and traditions. At just over 100 pages, The Bride’s Guide to Wedding Photography: How to Get the Wedding Photography of Your Dreams, delivers essential information in a quick read format.

    Rating: 4 / 5

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