super sexy naruto couples?

July 6th, 2011

well in my opinon
here are the pairings
also give me your opinions on them
which are good and bad?
who are your fav
theese are the pairings
that people are raving about on the internet

do i make a good point
and who you think should be together

naruto and hinata: perfect couple 🙂
wild and calm balances things out
plus he said she’ll be a great bride 😀

sasuke and sakura:
at first sakura did want him cause of his looks
but over time she relizes she loves him and he
needs someone to revive his clan, and shes a medical ninja
so she can do freaky baby making ^___^ like infertility treatment

tenten and negi :D:
for some reason people want him to be paired up with hinata
_there COUSINS and thats incestuous 0_0
plus tenten and negi are cute together

shikamaru and temari:
i guess he likes older ladies 😉
some freak sex:D
there cute 2 gether

ino and sai:
idk bout this couple but its possible

asuma and kurenai:
the most obvious of course
and there c-ute

there my fav
child hood friends
and there sexxy together x21413515

lee and sakura:?
not possible
maybe out of sympathy

ino and sasuke:
hell no

naruto and sakura:
hard to imagine
hes too wel….
icky >__>

gaara and sakura:
where do people get this

hinata and negi:
mutants 0_0

jaraiya and tsunade:
hell to the no
she loves dan
plus hes pervy

choji and ino:

shikamaru and ino:
only if temari dies

tenten and rocklee:
nuh uh -__-

kakashi and sakura:
no way
thats illegal

kakashi and anko:
but not going to happem

kakashi and rin:
yes 😀
meant to be

hayate and purple hair girl:
yup yup yup
but he died 🙁

might guy will be single forever
end of story

deidara and sakura might be cute
but unikely

sakura and sasori= sasori puppet is cute
but a no

guy and tsunade: wtf, hes an animal

guy and anko:
are you joking

and yes I know some people are dead
but i am saying if there alive

purple hair girl is the girl from anbu
I forgot her name
she visited hayates grave
when biki killed him
in the chunin exams.

2 Responses to “super sexy naruto couples?”

  1. The #1 Kunoichi says:

    My fav couple of all time is naruhina!!! i just love them together! they’re adorable.
    i also like sasusaku, nejiten, shikatem, choino, lee and guy are going to be single, kakashi with either anko or rin, Tsunade well her and jiriaya are cute but unlikely, also cuz hes dead, and the akatsuki members should also stay single, asuma and kurenai are so cute its really sad that he died, and gaara is mine!!!!!!!! lol

  2. Gina says:

    SakuNaru SasuHina ShikaIno

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