Someone on YA said my wedding dress is too sexy… your thoughts?

July 5th, 2011

So through David’s Bridal I’m exchanging my wedding dress that I already bought for one I fell in love with and just have to have…. but someone on Yahoo Answers said it was too sexy, sly, and inappropriate for a wedding!!!!

My first dress was very traditional with pick-ups. A very pretty gown, but I just think I want something a little different.

What do you think? Is this at all too sexy or is that member a little crazy?

Here is the model of the dress:

And here is ME in the dress:

24 Responses to “Someone on YA said my wedding dress is too sexy… your thoughts?”

  1. Go Hokies: 20 Days says:

    I don’t see anything inappropriate with that dress at all. It has a higher bust line/neckline than I’ve seen in a lot of dresses lately.

  2. Hiram says:

    looks fine to me, all except your missing head.

  3. nova_queen_28 says:

    or maybe they are a little jealous that you can wear that style of dress.
    I think it is a pretty dress and looks really good on you.

    Some churches want you to keep your shoulders covered during the ceremony for sake of modesty — but all churches are different and most probably wouldn’t have any issue with that dress.

  4. In Michigan says:

    I think it looks great…. 🙂 it’s you’re day and you should wear what makes you feel good 🙂 i say wear it 🙂 🙂

  5. prayin&hopin says:

    I love the dress. It’s very pretty, it’s it’s not like you have your girls hanging out. So tell them to hush it. Congrats.

  6. BarterBride says:

    I think it looks great!!! it’s YOUR day and as long as its not falling off and you are comfortable dont worry about what ANYONE says. It is your day- be a bridezilla 🙂 and tell them to screw off

  7. KEVIN G says:

    you wear the dress you love, the style these days is a lot sexier than anything i would ever think to wear- i think uncovered shoulders in church is just wrong, but in the summer i see strapless sundresses- so maybe i’m just old fashioned.
    the only reason to worry is if you think the dress is too sexy, or if the church ( if you are getting married in a church) has rules about dresses.
    otherwise, you look lovely- have a wonderful marriage!

  8. vickiebrat says:

    That’s a beautiful dress! Looks great on you and I think it’s fine 🙂 I think on YOUR day you should wear the dress you want and not worry about what someone you don’t know thinks (guess that would include me too- lol)

    congratulations on your upcoming wedding! you will be a beautiful bride


  9. sam says:

    i think that it is totally fine and gorgeous:D

  10. pienk_blom says:

    It’s really beautiful and you’re really fortunate to have such a small body on the day of your wedding. I’m also getting married in 3 months and wouldn’t mind at all looking as good in your dress as you do. Congratulations and good luck with the wedding. Don’t listen to jealous people. Some people get joy out of making you feel bad

  11. Michelle says:

    Its a *beautiful* dress! You look really nice in it too =)
    Personally, I dont think its inappropriate and you shouldnt be discouraged just becuz of ONE person’s opinion….
    Looking @ the answers above, most people seem to agree with me =)

  12. PassionFRUITY_ says:

    There is nothing wrong with it except how great it looks on your body 😉

  13. BUStudent says:

    You can’t listen to the people on Y!Answers all the time because sometimes I think people post things that are mean on purpose. The dress does look very attractive and yes, sexy, on you, but at the same time I do not think it is TOO sexy. It is not trashy, it is very pretty. And the lace layer is elegant. If it had a slit in it or drop back down to your butt or plunging neck I would say it was not appropriate. I

    think their issue is with strapless but strapless dresses are in style, but I’m wearing one and I am a modest person. That member is nutsy.

  14. Trying Something New says:

    Some members are crazy! There is nothing remotely inappropriate about this dress. In fact, it seems to fit your body perfectly and is not too tight, too small or doesn’t not have any unflattering bumps, bulges or anything hanging out!

    In fact, this dress looks typical. I mean that in a good way too! It looks a lot like the type and style dresses I have seen many other brides wear and look very appropriate and classy at their weddings!

    This dress is sexy! But, in very appropriate way. It fits and hugs your body in all the right places. Anytime a piece of clothing flatters you, you’re going to have good sex appeal. The kind that makes you glow with beauty and femininity! Not the kind that makes you look like a tramp or an easy women. So, no worries with this dress!

    Do not listen to people on hear all the time. They are coming from different backgrounds and in some churches and nationalities, this dress might be inappropriate because of the bare shoulders. But, if your church allows bare shoulders, then you’re fine!

    Good Luck! I love this dress! You’re going to look stunning at your wedding!

  15. Meaghan says:

    i think it is very tasteful and flattering on your frame, as long as your comfortable in it and you feel beautiful, i think it’s the perfect dress. good luck on your special day, you look beautiful.
    xoxo Meg

  16. mommaof2 says:

    It looks awesome on you, I wouldn’t change a thing!

  17. 4REEE says:

    Verrry nice.

    If older folk or more conservative types at the wedding are going to fret about it, how about adding a shawl? It can be quickly removed once the festivities begin.


  18. CaptainCarrotCactus says:

    looks great to me… i was half expecting to see like a knee length dress with a split up to the hip lol… but no it looks beautiful and shows off your body in a modest way…. really suits you 🙂 hope you’re wedding is as perfect as your dress 🙂

  19. Adam says:

    Sexy and inappropriate? Pffft. That guy that said that about you is totally wrong.

    Looks great, and as to that person’s comment about your dress choice… I’ve seen so much worse. You’re alright, and it is your wedding… don’t let one person sway your choice for the one day of your life that’ll be a true mark of happiness.

    Believe in yourself, and I wish you a great marriage.

  20. JessMix says:

    it’s fine and very nice, not inappropriate at all. most wedding gowns these days are strapless. if you’re concerned and having a church ceremony or something, maybe you can get a little jacket or shawl to wear around your shoulders while in church. otherwise, dont worry about it, it’s very nice.

  21. Anne says:

    No, I do not find that dress to be too sexy, sly or inappropriate for a wedding at all. Not sure what they were seeing or talking about.

  22. korrin_belle says:

    Too sexy? It looks like a completely average strapless wedding dress. The cut isn’t too low, and the skirt isn’t too short. It looks great on you.
    I don’t know what they were talking about.

  23. mickie lynn says:

    If you think your dress is too sexy compare it Pnina Tornai’s new line. And If I did not spell her name right, it’s her fault, she needed to make up a name the world can spell, lol. You dress is classy, and looks great on you.

    As long as your boobs dont hang out,

    or your pregnant belly, lol.

    or any of your other parts,

    Then I say that you are fine.

    People on Y!A are from all ends of the earth, and have differing opinions. You just got one of the wackies earlier.

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