So I’m planning my wedding and need a few ideas and find local businesses for a reasonable price HELP please!?

May 8th, 2011

OK so my wedding is 2/20/2010 and we are on a budget unfortunately we have to pay for our wedding ourselves. I need to find a cheap local floral shop in the peninsula area for bouquets. For centerpieces I want to have manzanita branches with votive hanging candles, not sure if a floral shop would do this if I can’t find anyone to do these centerpieces I will do them myself.

I also need bridesmaids gift ideas
Hair salon with makeup and hair packages
chair covers and sashes
table runner

Any ideas, websites, and business names would be very helpful!

I’m from California in South San Francisco. My Wedding is in San Mateo.

I’m doing the invitations myself and registered with

I’m also doing the programs myself.

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  1. Nicole m says: has local venders on their page and does to.

    use google and use terms like cheap and wholesale

    i went to the grocery store for my flowers so so much cheaper and beautiful too.

    my cake is done by a friend of a friend who has been doing it for years.

    search the yellow pages.

  2. Luna Azul says:


    I recomend two diy site, one for wedding flowers and the other for the wedding invitations.

  3. jesinsocal says:

    I did mine at a restaurant and it wasn’t too bad at all, what area are you from I might be able to help? I also did my own center pieces and they were AMAZING. for the center piece why not try a orchid (plant) in a nice pot and sprinkle rose petals on the table 🙂 Let me know what area you’re from so I can see if there is anything!

  4. kendi s says:

    im not sure about the rest but depending on your budget, and if you want real flowers or not, you could check out they have wedding package deals with premade bouquets and boutineers and corsages or they have the option of buying in bulk and making your own. i will be getting my flowers from them and i am going to need the following:
    1-bridal bouquet
    6-bridesmaids bouquets
    and an additional 200 roses

    so i am getting a total of 500 roses, 120 stems of foxtail and 20 bunches of seeded eucalyptus for under $1,000 i think the total is $856.95 but i am making all of my own stuff. hope this helps!!

  5. Catwoman says:


    This site has some great tips for fairytale weddings;

    have fun!

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