Should I spend my last 300 bucks to fly to my best friend’s wedding or fly out to visit my ex and have sex

April 6th, 2010

I’m really in a bind here… I am super horny and only have 300 bucks left from my euro trip!!! but at the same time, my best friend from grade is getting married!!!! SHIT! We aren’t best friends now… but I’ve known him for over 15 years!

14 Responses to “Should I spend my last 300 bucks to fly to my best friend’s wedding or fly out to visit my ex and have sex”

  1. Kashonna S says:

    Go to your friends wedding, who knows you might meet some girl there

  2. libbyocto14 says:

    Friends are forever. Have a one night stand to get rid of your horniness like most ppl.

  3. thistlenseattle says:

    go to the wedding….you will remember it for awhile and whos to say what may happen. You never know your true love may be there waiting….

  4. Dark_Tigress says:

    How would you feel if he went to get laid instead of attending your wedding? How do you think he would feel if you skipped out for sex? I think it would be very rude and inconsiderate if you opted for the ex sex! Besides, why couldn’t you go to the wedding and maybe meet someone there to have fun with?

  5. fishinpolen says:

    DUDE….you should just throw a party and have the better of both worlds…..

  6. class07rhs says:

    goto the wedding…it is better, plus your friend would really appreciate it

  7. fesha_b09 says:

    go to the wedding

  8. Learjet says:

    How o*d Are you? Seriously all you guys think about is your d*cks. He’s your friend a** hole…..

  9. davesloan700 says:

    Go to your friends wedding and jerk off in the meantime. A wedding doesn’t happen very often.

  10. a_littlebit_of_me says:

    It all depends on two simple things:

    1.) How pissed will your friend be if you don’t show?
    2.) How good is the Ex-Sex?

    More than likely, your friend might be a little ticked at first, but it will blow over, that is, IF the sex with the ex is slam-banging, hot, smokin’ & wild, and you give him all the details.

  11. tauntingbull says:

    Go to the wedding dude…. Ask him to hook you up with a chick there…..

  12. calvin h says:

    wedding! sex is not as important as a life changing moment.

  13. anoldmick says:

    Best use for that money is paying for a shrink for yo head, dude! You gonna go to your ex for sex? And this dude is not yo friend? You crazy, man!

  14. clovicat says:

    If you have to ask, go have sex with your ex. You don’t deserve your best friend!
    And hey, you know that weddings make everyone horny, don’t you? If you go see your friend, you could kill two birds with one stone!

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