Should i go to my sisters wedding????????

June 15th, 2011

My sister is a lesbian and she plans on having a “tradition style”. With her girl in a big wedding dress and a big reception after the service in there church. This is causing a big problem in my family because we are cristians and believe that what she is doing is wrong. My oldest sister refuses to go or allow her husband and children to go. she says how can i say congrats and give my blessing to something that is wrong in gods eyes. Thier mother (we have different mothers) is refusing to go as well. That was a surprise to me because she always supported her daughters decisions “what ever makes her happy” she alway said. Our father on the other is going he says he loves his daughter and what ever makes her happy makes him happy. Please help, this situation has truely divided my family. I love my sister very much and i do not want to hurt her by not going. How do i choose between the love i have for my family and the love i have for god??????

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  1. allison s says:

    of course its your sister im too lazy to read what u wrote but from what i see its blood so….GO

  2. fidget says:

    I think that you should go.

    If anyone argues you can say that the bible teaches you to treat others how you wish to be treated yourself… you’d want her to attend your wedding wouldn’t you?

  3. shreya_anand22 says:

    u have a serious problem… and i would suggest u too.. talk to ur family ’bout it peacefully and calmly.. try telling themtht ur sis has alrewady chosen her life .. and now thy cant do any thing … thy not suppostoing her will leave her alomne in life and she will fel bad.. coz after all its her life and if u r talking ’bout god..t hen i should tell u this also happened when Jesus was there in the owrld.. so u cant define all this.. this is bad or not.. after all its human mind and body and iut can desire whtever it is comfertable with.. try explaing this to ur family.. and tell them tht she has already chosen her life.. now she just needs their support… and if agaoin u dont suppost her she might feel alone in the world int he later urs.. as this world is harsh to homo sexuals….after all u have blood relations.. u cant let it go like this… of just her preferrence…. think ’bout it urself adn then talk to ur family and dont fprce anything on them also coz u alone cant change their opinion ’bout good and bad.. so just do ur part by explaing and u r also matured enough totake ur own desicions.. so u urself think and if u feel like going then u should otherwise u should not… dont get confused in family love and sis love.. just think wht is correct in today’s mordern world and how will it b needed asin the future…. Best of Luck….

  4. cmp8423 says:

    How do you feel about it? Do you support her decision? Personally i don’t care whether a person is gay or straight. I would just want my siblings to be happy, So i would go. But if you really feel strongly against her decision, then don’t. You have to look at it as… do i love and support my sister and put my feelings aside or can you not put those personal beliefs aside and not go. I know you mentioned its causing a big rift in the family, but as an adult you should be allowed to make you own decisions. I’m a catholic, but i wouldn’t say i follow it too closely, but i don’t think god would be “upset” for going to your SISTER’s wedding even though it might not be exactly what everyone had planned.

    Hope that makes some sense. Good Luck

  5. bootsjeansnpearls says:

    Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself so put it the reverse way. Would you want your family to diss your wedding if you were marrying a guy they did not approve of.
    Your sister knows you do not approve of her lifestyle but she should also know that you love her.
    To love her does not mean you agree with what she is doing- it shows her that you can love despite your differences.
    Make your decision based on what you want to do for your sister- not what your family thinks of it.
    Maybe you should tactfully remind your family that Jesus ate with the tax collectors and sinners so He could show an all encompassing love. He did not like what they were doing but He loved them anyway.

    Hope this helps you make your decision.

  6. kimmyc says:

    You should go.
    God says, “Love the sinner, hate the sin”

  7. greatgifts4 says:

    Go I think if you dont you will hate yourself

  8. MMN says:

    YES u should go, I’m a christian too and my family would have feel the same way about a situation like this. I say u should go because she is ur sister and u dont want to hurt her. I’m sure GOD will forgive we should not hate other peopel just their actions.

  9. dee r says:

    Pray that you get the “chicken pox” then you will have a real excuse not to go!

  10. bunnyjw6 says:

    if u want to go then go.. the hell if the others want to miss out… if you support your sister, then go…

  11. Debbie D says:

    You do not have to agree with your sister’s choice of lifestyle to love her. God knows what is in your heart, and you are not betraying God by going to your sister’s “wedding”. Tolerance is a trait more so-called “Christians” should strive for.

  12. angeldust_599 says:

    Ask yourself this…are you a perfect Christian? Have you never sinned? If you answer yes then you are lying to yourself and to God. Your sister may be doing something wrong in Gods eyes, but we all do. You arent choosing between your family and God by going to the wedding. You can still love both just the same. Your father has the right idea in saying that whatever makes her happy makes him happy too. He isnt saying that he agrees with her decision, but it is his daughter and I don’t think God wants you to turn your back on your family either. Tell her that you don’t agree with what she is doing, but you would like to be there for her becuase you understand what it means to her. If you don’t, you may be sorry in the future. God will not hate you for loving your sister.

  13. willowrosenberg77 says:

    breathe… okay now do it again

    answer me this: do you love your sister?
    do you want her to be happy?
    if they were doing this wedding in any other venue other then a chruch woul dyou have issues with it?

    if you love you sister, and you wanted her to be happy, you would go. If the venue is the issue, well think of this way.. a church is nothing more then a building… and god would be there reguardless of where the cermony was…

    I quote the movie save:
    “So everything that doesn’t fit into some stupid idea of what you think God wants you just try to hide or fix or get rid of? It’s just all too much to live up to. No one fits in one hundred percent of the time. Not even you.
    Why would God make us all so different if he wanted us to be the same? ”

    think odf this and I hope everything works out!

  14. Nikki Cole says:

    no one can judge what a person does but god just because u don’t approve of what she has going on doesn’t mean u shouldn’t attend my brother just married somebody that he has been with for 6yrs and i know for a fact that shes cheated on him it happened in my house but that didn’t keep me from being the matron of honor it really made me a better person for the reason he did it , he said he married her because he didn’t want another man raising his child like our father did us so i understand but don’t let her being a lesbian stop u from loving ur sister because u might not get another chance to congrat her if u let this ruin yalls family

  15. Shelli T says:

    You have to realize that your sister is not doing this to hurt your family…..and you going to her wedding is not saying that you don’t love God. You are showing your love to your sister. Whether she is lesbian or not she is always going to be your sister. That is a bond that is greater than anything. I suggest that you think about how much it would hurt you if she didn’t show up to help you celebrate your marriage. Sometimes you have to put your religious beliefs aside for a moment and show your sister how much you love her. Good Luck 🙂

  16. big_boob_gal says:


  17. kaiticometrue says:

    If you love your sister, go. Who are they to judge? Sounds to me like they’re the ones that are sinning. Your sis is gonna do it with or without you, right? Go and support her and make her special day special.

  18. kill_yr_television says:

    Your sister is obviously receiving the sacrament of marriage in some church other that of which your oldest sister is a member. I don’t see where attending a service at this church should be a problem. Simple attendence of a public ceremony in a church other than one’s own does not imply that one endorses or supports all the doctrine of that church, nor does it follow that one has renounced the doctrines of one’s own church. After all, when a Christian baby is baptized, those who care for the child attend. That they may be non-Christians, and therefore not believe in baptism, is irrelevant. All that matters is that they care for that baby.

    Even if you don’t agree with what your sister is doing, didn’t Jesus tell us to forgive, forgive, forgive?

  19. KrisD says:

    By going to the wedding, you’re giving your support and blessing to the relationship. If you really feel that it’s wrong, you shouldn’t go. Talk to your sister and let her know that you love her and you don’t want to hurt her, but you can’t justify giving your blessing to something you don’t agree with. If I were in your place, that’s what I would do – I know it’ll be hard, but you need to stick with your convictions. Don’t bash your sister or anything, but I don’t think you should go.

  20. blkcherbicangel says:

    No matter what you decide, God will still love you. If I was in your situation, I rather have my sister cry happy tears then tears of pain and disappointment. Be the bigger person in your family and go, make sure you tell her that you love her and support her, She’ll defiantly appreciate it. You have my support.

  21. Ms. Princess says:

    Personally, I would attend. Afterall, she’s your sister and she needs you. We aren’t perfect people, but we do our best. I think God will understand. 🙂

  22. maigen_obx says:

    God is not like that, he doesn’t hate people for what they have no control over. Go to your sister’s wedding, support her and love her for who she is, not what you think she should be.

  23. SweetPea says:

    If there really was a “god”, he would not judge people based on their sexual preferences. But, you should do what’s in your heart. I think it’s horrible that her family is abondoning her on such a special and important day. They need to look beyond their prejudices and realize this is their family.

  24. iam1funnychick says:

    You don’t have to forsake your love of God in order to go to this wedding.

    Be there for your sister.

    So your family believes that homosexuality is a sin. OK. Ask them if they were sinless before marriage. They are pulling verses to justify their bigotry…would they attend a wedding where the couple weren’t virgins? Or would they attend a wedding if one of them wore a garment made of two different kinds of threads?

    It makes no sense and you will totally regret not being there for your sister.

    Let those without ANY SIN throw that first stone.

  25. Curiousaboutnaca says:

    Of course you should go. It’s your sister! No matter what you feel about the choices she makes, the fact that she is your sister doesn’t change. Besides, if marrying someone of the same sex is not acceptable by God, then she will have to deal with it in the end, not you. The only thing you will have to deal with is not being there to support your sister.

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